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Blue Exorcist

Aug 19, 2011

I dont enjoy when they kill off a character so early in the story, but this one it was needed to develop the main character and fordge the story to continue into the main plot.

i have noticed how the main chara is a little of an air head which is sad considering that his kind of powers need intutition  and mind contorl not brute force.

As i watched episode by episode i seem to find miself in a love and hate relationship w the younger brother one moment he seems to show unconditional love for his aniki and then there's this hate consuming him over the surface, other times it shows envy over the love that they shared on their "father" chara.

it is something i will continue to watch and see the development of the characters, it seems a little naive on some parts, the ecchi parts and panty shots are to a  minimum which i  appriciate and they are actual battles which i enjoy the most.


i recomend this anime if your getting out of naruto, bleach and Reborn just for the fact that the animation is pleasing to the eye, the characters are interesting and not over done like now a days anime tend to be.



7/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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hoffstyle Aug 28, 2011

By 19 episodes, you should know without spoiling anyone that indeed he needs to learn to harness his power. Brute force is what gets him in the most trouble and this is why he must learn to control it as part of his "final chance" to become an exorcist within the Vaticans timeframe.

I also agree with you about Yukio, he is the most frustrating of the characters in the series because he is so wishy washy with Rin, either wanting to kill him or keep his promise to his Dad to protect him, and now it seems his desire to protect Rin and slowly losing control to Rin's increasing dominance of his flames is forcing cracks in his facade which should bring about some sort of closure to his true feelings towards his brother one way or another.

Only thing you and I really part ways on is the Ecchi/panty shots comment. There is no ecchi anywhere in this anime. Granted Shura is pure fan service, but she has never been distasteful in any way.