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Yozakura Quartet

Oct 29, 2009

The plot is hard to understand until you have seen the flashbacks , the characters are interesting . There is some romance but its not defined and it never shows if there trully are one sided . I felt that the story was rushed but at the same time , it took forever for the main fight. the songs in my part i enjoyed them very much . And there is a good amount of exciting and well placed fights , i felt that the main hero of the story needed a little bit more power and he was a little bit on the lay back side of the word. As for the heroine too high strung and too stubborn even for her own good. This feels like the type of anime to watch were you are bored to death and need something to pass the time.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
4.5/10 overall

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wargol Oct 22, 2013

I'm about halfway through it now but really agree with you on most things so so far though I would add that they gave it some very childish elements too.like in episode 5 when Ao read junta's mind about juggle a ball 20 times and then he ran off crying about it being a man's promise that they swore never to tell anyone.or all the childish behaviour and dialogue in the episode with silver the dog, like slapping the dog and scolding it as if a dog would actually understand it or the fight in the end, well I call it a fight but the damn dog didn't really do anything after it transformed into a big youkai. it just stood there untill it was killed.

I always hate it when they put such childish parts in anime that could have been good, especially when it also feels like they're rushing through the show. but I'm bored as hell right now, so gotta watch something :P