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I started watching anime about 3 years ago , one of my first animes were death note , ouran high school host club .

I wasnt convinced by anime after watching them but i gave it a try after watching the battle between naruto and gaara in the first episodes. That got me hooked on Naruto ,  after wards i started on bleach although i lost interest in bleach due to all the fillers my passion for naruto hasnt died in fact it as been renewed. I started with the anime then moved to manga , and then i was introduced to yaoi.

Yaoi is my passion i dont only watch taht but it my main focus on anime based options.

I started with douj, then moved to fanfic of course Naruto based then i went to fan art and then i become a writer for yaoi fanfiction in the same website . From then i started watching anything i got my hands on be it yaoi or not.

Now i do not like to watch chibbi anime , mecha or too much ecchi without a plot.

My count on anime is much larger than what i have here there are many that i havent updated .

My fav ,

naruto , katekyou hitman reborn , full metal  alchemist , willflower , skip beat, nodame cantante , la corda de oro, and many more.

As for yaoi , ayase from okane ga nai stole a piece of my heart and the rest loveless took it .

I am thankfull that my younger sister shares the same likes as me , we love to create vids in youtube , write fanfics and watch anime .

I have watched from old to new animes , from short to long , from dark to sunny britght .

I have many things that i hate in anime , but right now the thing that i hate the most is plotless anime with just panty shots and boobs that defy gravity.

I like to enjoy manga but my current manga addiction is yaoi based , the best one is a korean one Totally Captivated i have currently bought all vol and re read it when i'm out and cant take the laptop to get my fill of it .

On manga the only ones i cover other than yaoi would be Naruto , FLMA , skip beat , reborn and fruits basket.  Other than that my fav artist is haruka minami , nao , and the creator of any yaoi doujinshi.

I probably already bored you with my likes and dislikes and this all long intro but i like when i get friends that share my same likes and are willing to talk about anime and shared their opinion.

The last one that i watched and enjoyed greatly will be special A .

Well folks if you have the same feelings towards anime and like the same as me , or HAVE RECOMENDATIONS AS FAR AS A GOOD ANIME DROP BY AND LEAVE A COMMENT OR ADD ME AS A FRIEND.

well then ja na.

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youkais Jul 21, 2012

By the way, Happy B-Day! :D

youkais Jul 18, 2012

Oh, I know :)About recommendations, I haven seend any shonen ai nor yaoi anime/manga. But I have started watching "Natsuyuki rendezvous", I think it has potential :3 

youkais Jul 11, 2012

Oh! Don't worry! Everyone has problems and real life issues :p

I, myself, have things to carry on with.

I am glad you did a time to get here again. Is everything going fine?

See you around! :D

youkais Jun 21, 2012

Dropping by to say hello :3

Minai99 Nov 17, 2011

hmmmm...tbh I don't usually buy a lot of dvds, cause I watch most stuff streaming. :p