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Mayo Chiki!

Dec 1, 2012

If we talk about in romance it's usually boy meets girl. But this anime, boy meets a girl? man?

Mayo chik was a very unique type of romance anime i've seen. In addition, the male main character called Sakamachi Kinjirou is a guy with GYNOPHOBIA. WTF, are you serious! That's what I thought at the start. Oh just in case some people don't know what gynophobia basically means SCARED or ALLERGIC to girls... But because of that, it turns out to be a huge harem/ecchi anime. Be prepared! There is a reason why he is gynophobic. I'll give you a clue. His mom is a world pro wrestler and his little sister loves pro wrestling. Plus he was treated like a sandbag.

The female main character is called Konoe Subaru. She is a butler of a Suzutsuki family's daughter. She had to disguise herself as a boy(well.. she still looks like a girls anyway)beause of her personal reasons. Then Kinjirou found out she's a girl and he gets threatened by Suzutsuki Kanade(the master of Subaru)to shut up about the fact that Subaru is actually a girl. Then she make a contract with him. The contract was Kinjirou will not say to anyone that Subaru is a girl, in return they will cure his gynophobia. The story truely begins after this. A lot of events and harem, harem then harem.

Personally I liked this anime a lot. The plot and story in this anime was pretty weird and contains so much harem! If this guy wasn't gynophobic, this anime could have gone to... you know. Plus it ended with no conclusion. So it was quite disappointed. But I would be happy if there is season 2 comming out.

Animation was very good in this anime. it wasn't the best animation but very soothing and calm animation i shall put it. There is some action but not much so this kind of animation fits very well into anime.

Sounds, I will start with op,ed and OSTs first. op is happy and quite energetic(?) song and I liked it. ed is just smooth song that is pretty calm which is I think it's typical for most romance animes.(Maybe i'm wrong) OSTs are all pretty smooth and calming or energetic depending on the situation of the scene. Moving onto voices of characters, all the voices fits perfect on each character The voice all fits their personality and appearance. I was amazed by it.

Now characters were the best in this anime. There are a lot of them and well, they are all girls apart from our gynophobic guy. Each character has completely different personallity and physicallity to each other. That made this anime very interesting and different from other animes.

In overall i was happy about this anime and entertained in each episode with different type of feeling. I like anime that's unique so i was happy to see this anime and I highly recommend this anime to people that likes romance and harem. Thanks for reading my review and this is my first time reviewing an anime so it would be helpful if you guys would put some stuff i need to improve on comments. Then enjoy watching Mayo Chiki!

7/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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Jehowi Nov 20, 2013

Nice review.

DuckPhlegm Dec 1, 2012

Good review considering its your first and English is not your native language. Could have maybe gone into more detail on your points. I haven't watched Mayo Chiki yet so I can't comment too much on the context of your review, I shall watch it soon though.