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Howdy, I'm Kai :P

I'm a metalhead, mainly power-, folk-, black- and anything melodic, but I like most other metal kinds aswell, aswell as a bit of rock, industrial, goa and dutch hardcore.

Apart from music I'm a pc addict, started off with loads of gaming, now I'm still gaming but also trying to emulate stuff like PSX, PS2 but also complete OS's like ubuntu and Leopard in VMWare.On school I'm following webdesign, which for now is HTML and photoshop, but will next year extend to CSS and Flash. For myself, I want to learn PHP and SQL with this.

Why did I make this account? Tnx to smetsie recommending me this site after me asking him what anime he would recommend me.Now I found my way around into the world of anime, I still return to this site not only because it was the first anime site I started using, but also the user-friendly interface and whatnot. There are, offcourse, other sites that greatly add to the data that is already on this site, but I guess I won't advertise for 'competing' anime sites.

Anyway, that's me in a nutshell, any more questions can be dumped into my guestbook.

Have a good day!Greetz, Kai

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domoarigato12 says...

Heyyy bro, you still Gamin' or Watchin Anime these days??

Aug 7, 2011
Omurqi says...

Fijne verjaardag!

Haha, onze muzieksmaken zijn net omgekeerd, ik luister vooral Rock, en een beetje medolische metal (ook wel de andere metal, maar minder)

Sep 9, 2009
KiraRin says...

I call it trial and error. And a damned good set of brushes ;P


Feb 3, 2009
KiraRin says...

Sadly not :(



Feb 3, 2009
KiraRin says...

Yes it is, made quite a few recently, but really liked the Clare one ^^



Feb 3, 2009