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Obviously a total anime fan, but I have a tendency to drop animes if the first few episodes don't interest me.


Anime, manga, biology


Sport (Volleyball, softball,netball), reading (manga and novels), cooking, eating


seafood, japanese cuisine

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What?! No anime ratings?

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wolfangel87 Oct 25, 2007

Plus I majorly encourage you to watch Ayashi no Ceres because you have watched all of my other favorite animes, it is by the same person that did Fushigi Yugi!

wolfangel87 Oct 25, 2007

Oh no, being a newbie is nothing bad!  Hehehe, so is Ouran one of your favorite animes???

I am watching La Corda D'Oro right now too!!!  How are you liking it so far?

Maybe yu can even join the forums at a later date, they are really fun and there are a lot of entertaining people around this site!  i am sure you will fit in beautifully! 

sothis Oct 25, 2007

Cuuuuuuute signature!! XD

PS: fill out your profile sometime! hehe ^_^

wolfangel87 Oct 24, 2007

i love your username, your recs are really good too!!!