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I have just recently started giving reviews on the things i watch... and i do it in an informal way. I got tired of reading those reviews that people make so formal and gramatically correct that its boring to read. (at least to me, although i do think there is a place for formal things) So thats why i wanted to give my "advice" in an informal way, for that specific crowd out there. I hope it helps. The purpose of my reviews focuses on "do i want to watch this?"... Since... sometimes when i look for new anime, I want to know a little bit about it from different people, or in an informal way. I can tell a lot about an anime, just by hearing what a person has to say (their opinion). Even if their opinion is stupid, if they said they didnt like the anime, maybe i would. Get it? Stupid people have purpose! lol jp, although.. I do have a point. If you are a fellow user that dislikes my reviews then tough cookies: but foreal, leave me alone. If you are an admin that is getting upset from something i have done, then tell me, and ill delete them. Please let me continue to use this site for documenting my watch history though. I've donated in the past and probably will in the future. I love this site.

To those of you that like my reviews or at the very least... say... "I dont really like them, but he has a right to post his opinion. Maybe someone else will find it useful." ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!!! you get it! I have no problem with people teaching me the error in my ways, so that i may learn better methods of doing things. The problem i have is with people that tell me im wrong (shouldnt review, etc), and give bulls shit reasoning so confidently that it may influence others that are easily influenced to look past all the good straight at the bad.

I watch anime because it distracts me from all the bull shit that is going on in the world. Obviously all the other reasons too.. but that is one that i find unique/important to myself. I think i should mention this: I cuss. Its basically like an exclamation mark, but from a different perspective. The only reason cuss words are such a big deal is because people make a big deal out of them. There will always be violence and ways to express one's self, that someone else isnt going to like, but making it taboo, will only create more problems, or at the very least solve nothing, since it doesnt solve the root cause. Anyways, dont take my "french" badly. :) Sometimes I say things, and may seem like an ass, but im just blunt. Youd do well to appreciate bluntness. It saves the hassle of beating around the bush. Thats not to say that i dont see the value in being "considerate". I just dont see it as much as others lol!

yoroshiku onigaishimasu... XD

I do not like english dubbed anime (except pokemon, since its funny as shit lol). At the very least the anime is originally made to go with japanese pacing, and when they put it into english its awkward. But there are many other reasons. I like the good old fashion Japanese dubbed, with english subtitles.

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seltycore says...

nice profile. :D

Dec 23, 2010
KotomiMikuChan says...

Yeah I really love Toradora!, it's also a very unique anime and it has a really good story!

I know i really love Romance Anime but some of them are too perfect and some of them has too much fights or doesn't end the right way. That's why my ratings are mostly 5 stars because only watch the good ones :D

Me too~ ,Yeah sometimes I just don't side with a friend because I'm afraid to lose that person as a friend ^^

You're welcome :D I'm glad I did it^^


Oct 25, 2009
KotomiMikuChan says...

Toradora! <3

Oct 25, 2009
Ryuk23 says...

lol you've dropped more than you've watched

Aug 8, 2009