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This was a well executed 'girl and boy fall in love and get together' anime.

My only complaint is that they turned a 9 episode anime into a 12 episode anime (thats just considering the 2nd season, but I think the first season is about the same way). Its very slow paced, more so than I think it needs to be for the type of anime it is. I know that its suppose to be generally  slow paced since its a romance story with heartfelt moments. I just think they abuse it in an attempt to prolong the anime.

Some things to note:

A) This anime is not filled with ecchi. (YAY!!!) This means that they dont have to substitute ecchi in for their terrible story and characters.

B) Its light hearted with very little violence. It doesnt have high strunged little whiney bitches every other scene.

C) I found myself screaming at the indecisiveness of the characters, but i learned to appreciate the humor of it and just sit back and called them names during the long sparkly scenes... like "baka" and... "dum hoe"... etc

I think this anime would appeal more to females; however, i think anyone can watch and enjoy it. For the record... I am a male and im not gay. I thought at one point in time... I would like to have a gf that i could watch stuff like this with. Then again, i would like to have a gf to watch death note or code geass with too. lol! peace you people.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall

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wakenblake Sep 27, 2011

really gud review

killermouze May 18, 2011

appeal more to females... bshh... if guys are watching enough anime that they stumble upon this series, they are confortable enough with themselves and sexuality to appreciate an awesome love story. =]

Oh, but I hear ya bro. I've been trying to find a girl to watch anime with for 4 years. Every gf that I have had thinks anime with a beer is a ridiculous vice and I should just go watch sports like all the other proper guys. =D

Anyways, you ever find it strange that even has you get older, you can still immensely enjoy watching anime for kids?

Woah talk about tangent