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One very important thing that I have to say before I do this review: The only way I could watch this was through english dubs, which probably make this anime very very very very very bad. Sometimes english dubs are bearable, but in this anime, I dont even know why they tried. The second super important thing is... that even without that part, it still probably sucks, but I only figured that out after I got half way through the thing and realized that it wasnt going to get better. The end is satsifying if you like the rest, but its a bit corny too.

Story: The story, in the beginning, has promise/potential. It looks as if its going to head into an awesome direction (more sci fi action), but soon mellows out and doesnt get any better.  The general mood of the anime is very corny. Its the whole 'lets all have a good time~ yeah~'. The english dubs dont make it any better of course.

Animation: The looks are ok. Compared to the rest, this isnt something to dis on.

Sound: The intro (song) is super corny and doesnt fit the science fiction at all. It does however fit the rest of the cornyness that the anime glows with. The other audio sucks too. Makes things seem very bland.

Characters: The characters are ok if you look past their enormous stupidity and the whole corny 'lets have a feast and talk about stupid shit and laugh while we hide secrets that we think is being considerate, but is actually selfish~ yeah~'

The relationship between some of the guys and gals were interesting. Some unique. Some not.

There are some good things about this anime, but they are not really worth mentioning. If you still want to watch it after reading my review, then you'll find out, but they are not worth watching the anime for.

 The only reason I finished it (although I skipped around the last few episodes) was so I could see how it ended and write a review on it, considering no-one else has one posted at this time.

Overall: BLAND and CORNY

I didnt expect it to be wonderful considering so many people didnt rate it very well, but it looked interesting and i couldnt help but to try it out.

5/10 story
7/10 animation
4/10 sound
5/10 characters
4/10 overall

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isai112 Jul 26, 2011

thx i think i might watch it. I was wondering were in the world you find the sub verision because i can only find the dub. I was hopeing you could tell me were u found it cuz like u said the dub verision is really bad. thx