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Warning: This review has a few things that could be considered spoilers.

I started to watch this anime a while back and became annoyed at the way the main girl acted. Like it starts off and she is all "poke her butt out" on her bycicle while delivering news papers. The pace and mood were agrivating, but then a few days ago on the homepage of anime planet, it was shown in the "random anime" or "recently reviewed" slot. I looked at a review, and although I didnt read every detail, I saw in a comment where someone said that it was an under-rated anime, so with that information I decided to give it another go, while this time watching at least a few episodes. Well... It payed off. Im glad i started to watch it again. My point is, while if at first you dont like it, struggle through a few episodes and like me, it may grow on you extremely fast. The other point is that this anime has a certain style to it. Its unique and interesting/intertaining.

I think a trade mark of this anime is when the main girl goes "oh hooo~". The first few times she says it, im like... ok. cool. The next few times she says it, I start getting annoyed. Then after about the 7th time, I start laughing my ass off everytime she says it. Depending on what she is doing when she says it... can also be the key to its humor.

Not only that, but throughout the whole anime, the main girl has these random alternate reality visions. Like she imagines a more worse outcome, or better. And when i say random here.... i mean really wierd fantasies. Like totally unrelated to anything important. Also, sometimes, it can be difficult to figure out if she is dreaming or not, since it doesnt really tell you if its a day dream or not untill its end.

So its funny in that way, but also, its funny in other ways. Sometimes the relationship between the main girl and blue guy can be hallarious. He is clueless (or is he?) to her love subjects sometimes. You will see if you watch. I wont ruin anything for you.

It also has plenty of action, although its not the best action... it is good. And... it can be serious, obviously since there is blood fighting swords and guns/etc.

The story is pretty good, as in intellectual. They had the whole thing planned from the very beginning it appears. They dont tell too much information all at once and drag it on. There is complicated relationships with betrayal (maybe?) and such. Anyways... not things that you could predict. There are quite a few things you CAN predict though, like how a particular battle scene will unfold.

PS- I originally thought this anime was for younger audiences with the power-ranger like people and the small figured main girl, but i soon found out that there was plenty of ecchi.

So, that brings up a point. This anime can be both funny and serious at times, while maintaining a bearable intellectual level. The problem is that sometimes the people go from the lowest of lows. One misfortune after another, and then the next day, good things happen. It just seems a little too... unbelievable, to the point that you can tell that they are trying to tug on heart strings, and while they do... if you recognize thats what they are trying to do... it doesnt work as well. For example.. I can watch naruto and cry and not think: "The writers put this here, with the music and scene like so to tug at the audiences feelings" (While that is in reality, probably the case... it is usually done so well that you dont have time to stop and think like that.)

Some of the characters, like the police chief or crazy lady can be annoying... at least initially. Although sometimes I think they over exagerate the characters actions, when they as a person are really not that aggressive. This is also one of those "attempt at heart strings" that can be so easily seen that its annoying and can leave you thinking that the story in some places is incompetent or w/e.

I think you will find that it has a happy ending? or i could just be fooling you? haha now you have to see for yourself. Ill just say that the ending was fine. It wasnt corny or unsatisfying.

Overall: I do think that this anime is under-rated. Overall it is a great watch. Its unique elements keep you entertained, while the slight annoyances can be ignored or laughed off.


8/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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