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Dont even judge it as "magical girl".

Give it a shot for the first few episodes, and once you see the first major brutality, you will probably be hooked.

I get a large amount of satisfaction watching naive little bitches do stupid shit, that they think is right, but because of their extreme stupidity, the things they do wind up doing the exact opposite of what they wanted. lol I may be horrible, but i have no sympathy for people that dont learn from their mistakes and foolishly ignore reality because it isnt pleasant.  I may be exagerating a little, but you get my point.

Something to note: The art style is attractive/unique. It has, in some places, a "little big planet" feel to it.



After finishing the anime, I am a little disapointed. Only a little though. Madoka fixed the problem, but since that problem didnt exist a new one formed and the black haired girl, yet again, is the one to shoulder the burden and continue to fight.

I hate madoka because she is so stupid and she likes to think positive and do the 'right thing' (whatever that is, its subjective). She never gets what the little fur ball is saying (neither do the others), while I do perfectly. She cares so much, yet contradicts herself by being so stupid. The fur ball is telling her that they are beings that watch over the universe and have a system that allows them to fuel it. Maybe that system is disliked by humans, but you cant please everyone, and its the very fact that humans get emotionally upset that they choose earth/humans in the first place. Madoka completely ignores this explaination (Im not saying to believe the little deciever, but give it a little thought). The only reason why i wasnt completely satisfied with the ending was because I wished they would have completely shattered her hopes and desires and watched as her eyes loose life in compete hopelessness.

I just wanted to note this to defend myself: I dont agree with the ways that the fur ball (incubators) is doing things. He is blatently decieving them and using 'save the universe' as an excuse. In the end it shows that they now have to deal with demons instead of witches. and.... it shows the fur ball and time traveler girl talking about how the incubators found another way of fueling the universe or w/e. He did mention that it wasnt as good as if witches existed, but that they did find another way. So, yes, I do dislilke the naive little girls, but that doesnt mean that i completely back the fur ball up.

Overall: It is a great anime, but i would have liked to seen more of the brutality because of the characters stupidity. (they were stupid and now they get what they diserve)

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
5/10 characters
9/10 overall
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roriconfan May 24, 2012

So you loved this anime for sadistically enjoying little stupid girls being tortured. Ok, don't miss those lolicon manga on the web, they are full of those stuff.

eleniyo1992 Jan 18, 2012

I totally hate anime with magical girls with only exception Cardcaptor Sakura, which I love. They are so stupid most of the times and they're trying to see only the good in everything. BUT THERE IS NO GOOD IF THERE'S NO BAD STUPID LITTLE GIRLS. Anyway, I gave a lot of thought before start watching Madoka for the same reason, but everybody was 'OMFG GO WATCH IT NOWWW' and stuff like that. So, I gave it a shot.

I can say it completely changed my whole theory about magical girls, even though it didn't avoid the cliche 'Magical girl sees only the the good in everything and it treasures the last hope and eventually saves the world'. The idea of time-traveler wasn't something new, and Homura is like Sena from Chaos;Head, but it was very dark and emotional and sooo mindfucking that I wanted to watch more of it.

"I wished they would have completely shattered her hopes and desires and watched as her eyes loose life in compete hopelessness." Why they afraid to do that?!?! THAT will be the only reason to make Madoka to stand above all the other magical girl anime. But not, eventually Madoka is just another magical grl anime, just more dark and mindfucking. Even though I said this, it takes 9/10 for me.

caod123 Apr 22, 2011

no words can describe the last episode...

diz1776 Apr 21, 2011

12 was woah

Fenrir2037 Mar 24, 2011

Hot damn for plot twists and development. For one didn't expect hell to start falling at Ep3.