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Aria the Animation

Feb 7, 2011

I just got finished with episode 5.

My impressions...

I thought it was relaxing as some people say, but after a while it got kind of boring. It got that way to me, because every other sentence is about some lovey dovey fairy tail feelings. Thats all great, but too much gets boring.

The characters are all interesting, although they take on characteristics that we are used to. Nice blonde hair woman. Loving dark haired teacher, but seemingly rough with her pupil. emotionless (not completely) girl. I think the most unique main char is the pink haired girl. As a main character i think she is good. She isnt too stupid, nor too smart. She is always happy, but not annoyingly excited/hyper all the time. She is calm. She is though.... almost too nice.

I think this is more of a little girl's anime. It doesnt have much ecchi, which is fine by me. just saying.

The scenery is nice (venice feel - water city).

Its a slow-paced anime... but I wouldnt say its bad. Its more of a relax, slice of life feel. Many people like that, and although it isnt my favorite, if done correctly its ok. I think this anime is ok, except its not intellectual enough. If it was complex and had many things to think about and examine, while it was going slow, then that would be ok.

The story/setting is unique, about water guides, that are training harder to row their boats along canals and in open water, and entertain tourist, customers. I felt though that there was something missing... like the story was unique but not exciting enough. (i know i said its a slow paced, slice of life, but in regard to that type of anime, it still isnt exciting enough to me)

I think this anime is good, but the truth is, that to me, its just too boring to keep up (not made for someone like me). Someone said, that you just have to watch it at certain times, but i dont really relate to anything special in the story = there is no time that i would especially feel like watching this.

My advice: if your like me, dont watch it. You may like it at first, but will eventually lose interest.

8/10 story
8.5/10 animation
?/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
7/10 overall
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