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This anime is... kind of confusing. There are some aspects of it that do not make sense. Either they will be explained in a sequel (if they make one, which i think they will) or they "left it up to your imagination". For example, the king (silver hair) is in some sort of emotional agony because of the unforseen responsibilities of his position. In order to acheive the world that he wants he has to do things he doesnt want to or is very hard to achieve (and also is he doing it for himself, the public, or ryner?). That is reality in a sense. People tell you that you can do anything you want if you just never quit and always put in much effort, but thats bull shit. If i want to fly two minutes from now from the power of my mind alone, I cant do it. A dream most often, not only entails the end result, but what it takes to achieve it along the way; therefore, dreams are most often... only dreams.

anyways... you cant really understand exactly what the king is going through. or anyone else for that matter...

The brown head main character is hard to figure out too. Besides that though... he has god like powers at certain times.

I think my favorite character is the blonde hair sword wielding girl. She is silly, yet realistic when it counts. If she was anymore agrivating though she would be a failure. I think they hit the annoyance level with her good. too much here lately... ive had to listen to little girl bitchy whiney voices or jelous girls inturupt the guy's life they like/love.

This anime is ok in my book... but things that i dont like are much more memorable. Im thinking one thing while looking back... and it may not be true but: contradiction/inconsistancy... this story seems to either apear to contradict itself or really contradict itself. I cant really tell you why i think that... but some of the characters are portrayed as being smart, yet at other times stupid. Sometimes ryner takes the world seriously and sometimes he doesnt. not consistent.

this is probably the hardest review ive ever done. Its hard to review this anime to me. If someone else had one up, i wouldnt be putting one.

SO, ill leave it at this: if there is a sequel, then its up to the sequel to wether this anime turns out to be good, but if there is no sequel, then this anime has too many things left unexplained. Even if there is a sequel though that clears things up, to me this anime isnt "great!" its only ok. I can only recommend it if you've run out of other anime to watch.


7/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Santasays Dec 29, 2010

I understand where you are coming from when you say that not everything is being explained, however I think that it was intentional so they have alot to  work with in the sequel(which there really should be).  I personally liked that you needed to figure out stuff a little to keep up. Overall I loved it anyways thanks for putting this up I was really currious what other people thought of this one.