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Paradise Kiss

Dec 12, 2010


This anime is unique. It has a certain type of feel to it, that you should be able to recognize after 2 or 3 episodes. The story is about a small group of people that join together to design, craft/make, and model clothing. I personaly dont like that sort of thing, but that, of course, doesnt make the entire anime. There are other aspects within the characters lives that are focused on too. This is generally an adventure-romantic anime. (adventure in this case meaining... trying to get out into the world to make a living, while going down a more risky path. Risky = musician, inventor, etc = people that chance a living. if they dont make it big then a lot of time wasted)).


The animation was fine for the anime. Great looking characters, and no scene where i thought they should have put more effort into it to smoot it out. Its not an action anime.


One thing i noticed about this anime, was that there isnt that much music or sounds or w/e, which adds to its uniqueness. When i play a game i like to hear the effects so that i can better focus. Well... thats what this anime is like. You can focus more on the depth of the feelings than on the "moody" music environment.


I think, that although most of the characters are outstandingly stupid or annoying, it is realistic. The main girl gets mad at the guy and still loves him etc. then goes back and forth thinking she likes another guy... George is such a flirt with women... You dont know what he is thinking. I think he is a lot more simple though than that, but you cant pin him down... which is part of his character. He is probably simple minded, yet, since he doesnt express it very well, you dont want to assume anything... since if you do, he can just talk his way out of it.


If you want to watch certain realistic environments or personalities I reccommend it. It isnt perfectly realistic (just a lot more than other anime). If you hate watching idiots who dont learn their lessons (know it, and dont seem to care), please walk away. I see too much of that shit in real life. I watch anime to get away (distract me temporarily, to settle my stress (rest)) from a lot of that junk. I rated it a 3/4 though, since, for what it is, it is well done, and there are probably a good chunk of people out there that can relate to it.

7.5/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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