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Dec 10, 2010

This is one of my blah blah blah reviews... Its highly subjective. If you are looking for an more objective view point (if it exist) try someone else's review.

First of all, I would like to say that recently I have been kind of disapointed at the amount of new "suck" animes. This anime is like a breath of fresh air. Its not the best or perfect, but its very well done in my opinion, which means... i dont have to "tough it out" in order to watch it. I actually enjoy watching it.

I dont think the name is very enticing. What are you to think of this anime? jelly fish princess? wtf is that about... so I had put it off for a while, and was debating on wether to try it out or not. (so if you are in that same postiion, give it a chance.)

I would like to tell you what the story is about... but i dont think i can without spoiling it (since its so short), and i think this anime isnt the kind I want to spoil. Ill just talk a little about it.

I like the fact that its not very predictable("well, i generally predicted that that was going to happen, but it turned out a little bit different than i though. I didnt really expect that." <- When i can say this im satisfied). It keeps me entertained. The story is unique. It does have a certain type of humor... that i think only is appealing to certain people. HOWEVER, even if you dont like the humor you can just enjoy the rest (which is mainly the romantic side(not neccessarily sexual)), without it messing it up. There are some animes out there that emphasis too much on "not funny" humor, and it messes the rest up.

The characters have their quirks that make them distinguishable from each other. They fit well with each other though. At first all the girls in the dorms, besides the main char,  will seem a bit bland... and they are and remain that way to a certain degree... but it didnt seem to bother me, once i got past the first episode. I cant go too much into the characters without spoiling some of the fun, so i leave it at this. They are interesting.

The animation for this anime is, in my opinion, good for it. Its not like the animation is what makes this anime good. Its just a stage for the rest. You have to have a good stage to play on.

The sound: All i can say is that nothing really stood out as being "omg, that doesnt sound right in this situation." AND I like the opening song. Its by chatmonchy, and i think it goes good with this anime.

One more super important thing to list about this anime: The pacing/speed is almost perfect. If there is a scene that you dont particularly like, its not like they stay on it forever, like one piece. They deal with it, and move on. The "anticipation factor" is just right. Your not left hanging/ in wonder for so long that you start to get agrivated.

 The ending feeling: Some animes... the endings suck. One example, is they leave too many things unexplained. This anime leaves some things unexaplained, but they are very bearable... and add the the flavor of the anime.

one last thing: I know that a lot of people like to compare animes. I cant say thats a bad thing to do, because it does serve a valuable purpose. BUT i would advice not listening to anyone that trys to compare this anime to any other. I personally have watched some of the animes that are "related" to this one, and they are too different to decide whether to start watching each other or not. In other words: Dont compare this anime to any other like it, and then decide not to watch it.

10/10 story
9.5/10 animation
9/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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Levaru Jan 1, 2011

Sorry but I have to let this fanboy scream out: WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! KURAGEHIME IS SO AWESOME WAAAAAAAAAAAAA :DDDDDDDD ITS.... JUST.... UNEXPLAINEBEL... A W E S O M E!!!!!!!!!!

xxjacobxx3 Dec 16, 2010

lol yeah! hollywood references: star wars and others. I didnt recognize some of them (besides star wars), untill you just said something. I normally dont pay a large amount of attention to the openings and closings. I should start doing so more. its funny to me. This anime has a relaxing type of humor.

MadMadisson Dec 16, 2010

Not to mention the intro. I just love that it's made up entirely of Hollywood movie references. <3