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Hey all, xxcloud9xx here

I love most manga/anime, hence me being here. I also hate dubs, mainly for the fact that the actors they get in are TERRIBLE, and the japanese voice actors suit the characters perfectly, anime is also helping me learn japanese... although i'm afraid of slipping in words like "oppai" into conversations....

I'm also a ex-clown but I still enjoy unicycling and juggling.

Currently aiming to be a programmer and have been in college for two years and stil going strong, and because most of the people in my class like anime, this is were I get my fix

I've currently started getting into light novels which joins my love of reading with my love of manga 

Ok now thats out of the way, if you want go through my anime watched and if you like it add me, I like talking about all of the ones i've seen and would love recommendations on what to watch next

I'm going to start doing reviews on anime/manga/light novels here soon so if you can, please read them and give comments, good and bad (bad helps make the good better)

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stealthmomo Jan 9, 2013

Hello my Irish friend. How's school been going for you?

I just logged in to update my watchlist and thought I'd tell you I am up to Chapter 8  in my Strike Witches story "Proper Path to Glory".


Yoshika has popped Lynne's cherry and I've added a heavy sci-fi flavor 1940's style. (hint hint - brains in jars) it's getting to a real exciting place. Expect the unexpected.You probably forgot about it, with school and all, but if you are interested...I'm creating a doujin out of it with a creative partner. If you are on Facebook, look for my creative profile Izumi Momoko. There is a banner on top that shows our production schedule. You are welcome to friend request me as well.Three stories in the works: SW - Proper Path to Glory, SW - Untold Tales of the 501st and Saki - The Monsters of Mahjong Tour.

Did you see the Strike Witches Movie yet? It is made of awesome.

Lemme know how you are doing and what you are watching this season. The fall season had Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!. If you didn't see it you simply MUST watch. (Kyoto Animation can do no wrong  LOL)

If you wish you can email me at [email protected] TTY.  peacepeace

stealthmomo Oct 25, 2012

Just posted Chapter 7 of Proper Path to Glory. My Beta reader is squealing in delight at how cute I have made Lucchini's character LOL, as well as really liking the Yoshika Lynette hookup.

Hope you get a chance to look at it. I'd love to hear an opinion from you. Other than that, have a great day. Kick college's ass.

stealthmomo Oct 23, 2012

I think it is turning into a pretty good and surprising read. Just warning you...the first three chapters are rushed and a little awkward upon re-reading (I intend to re-edit them once the story is complete).

I can honestly say I finally started getting the hang of it beginning in Chapter 4 and by Chapter 6 I had finally written something I could have some pride in. 

I look forward to hearing your opinion on the rest of my story. I hope that some things surprise you and some make you go "Aw, cool."

OK. thaty's it.  Talk to you later.


stealthmomo Oct 23, 2012

Oh yeah, i meant to say, the first three chapters sucked, but I think I started getting better after that. So, if you couldn't slog past my rushed set up chapters I would fully understand.  


stealthmomo Oct 23, 2012

Wow, nice to hear from you again. Hope all's good for you.

So you actually read the damn thing. Thanks for the kind words.

When I sent you that link, "Proper Path" wasn't even in my head yet. I hope you will continue to follow it, 'cause it's ABOUT to get GOOD.

I just got Chapter 7 back from my Beta reader and I will probably be publishing it later today. This chapter will clock in at about 7,000 words and a bit. Putting me over the 30,000 word mark. If all goes as planned it'll wrap up in three more chapters and an afterward.

ALSO. I have a partner to help me turn Proper Path into a doujinshi. Well, we're gona try anyway. 

AND a blog. My first review was for Girls und Panzer. ^_^ 


definatly cool to hear from you again. stay in touch.


~ 'momo