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about me

Top Ten Animes:

  • CLANNAD (All Episodes incl. Afterstory+OVA)

This anime was one of the first animes that I watched and has set the benchmark for Drama/Romance for me. The way that it was executed took me on a rollercoaster of emotions, one minute I was laughing, then I was crying then I was joyous; there is nothing so far that has moved me to such extent.

  • 5 centimetres per second

A slow melancholy written by Makoto Shinkai, which shows the impact of distance, it blew me away with simple dialogue, amazing art and and an ultimately cruel ending that left you wish that something would happen and take away the pain.

  • Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (R1 and R2)

Psychological/Action/Thriller, Yeah Code Geass in a nutshell, I watched this after finishing Death Note, and it gave me what I thought Death Note was missing, a character not so vastly superior and with a bit more personality, I felt while watching it everything was good-pacing and kept it interesting, a lot of moments had me questioning motives and actions, which I enjoyed.

  • Yosuga no Sora

This is an more explicit drama that I was privileged to watch, it played out beautifully, the characters where all developed nicely and I felt attachment to each one, it also was a lot more explicit than I originally thought, but the way it handled it’s last arc showed a great deal of mastery to handle such a delicate subject well.

  • Gundam 00

I was caught up in the hype of watching this that I forgot to sit back and think. Yes, Gundam 00 was awesome, one of the best Gundams I have watched/read but for it to be a top 3? I can’t say for sure. It had it’s epic moments and it’s nail-biting conflicts and the story was fantastic and played out well, but when I think of the other animes I enjoyed, it’s top 10, just not as high as I originally thought.

  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

This was amazing for the first season, I sat their deducting logical conclusion for the most improbable situations, but to no avail, nothing, has got me so wrapped up in it that I watch scribbling ideas over pages to make sense, only to be thwarted. However, it falls from my original top 3 because of the fact that the second season spoon-feeds you the information, which after consideration drags it down. I loved the first season, I just wished the second wasn’t so obvious.

  • Hoshizora e Kakeru Hashi

This was so amazing each character was a good archtype of their particular area and had a good range of diversity experimenting with different pairings and giving pseudo-endings, it was laid-back and not overly complicated making it and enjoyable watch, and being the slight pervert I am, the OVA completed the experience for me and made it solidify itself in the top 10.

  • Wolf's Rain

Another melancholy which really affected me, it was almost perfect, leaving the audience with thoughts and showing the struggles of a world about to end, plus it brought hope and showed the powers of strength, courage, and honour in a world where there was nothing.

  • Mirai Nikki

It maybe a little Pre-emptive to place this in my top 10, however it is ticking so many boxes that it’s not funny. I love the serious tone intermixed with humour, only to throw you back into thrilling action ending most episodes with a cliffhanger. The overall story succeeds in places I felt were left out in other such as: Death Note and Lair Game, I still enjoyed both those anime/mangas, however Mirai Nikki pulls it off extremely well and has kept me devoted the entire airing-period.  

  • Dog Days and Dog Days'

This earns points for being so different. It takes your Person in a Strange World setting and flips it on it head. It manages also to maintain a sense of fantasy epic as well as being funny, cute and in places slightly perverted. I liked most of the characters and loved how it played out.


  • Highschool of the Dead

This anime was so close to being a top ten, like the other two in my extras. It was absolutely enthralling; I was glued to my seat the entire time. The characters were awesomely developed and the plot helped show the intense sense of desperation and hopelessness of the situation. However, I think it need to develop Shido more and needed to drop the excessive ecchi in parts, which killed the mood.

  • s-CRY-ed

This was an action anime that I won’t forget anytime soon, it was amazingly fast-paced and had great character development, the story was unique and interesting, but it’s ending didn’t suit me and hence it misses top ten.

  • H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~

This was a surprising anime, it started so horribly cliché that I almost forfeited it, however things took a turn for the better and left me dumbstruck, I was horrified and confused that it managed such a massive turn-around and became one of the best Drama/Romances I’ve seen playing on heartstrings almost as well as CLANNAD, as long as you don’t have the ending spoiled.

Nice to meet ya, I'm William or Rei, I don't mind either.

If you've made it this far down the page, you probably have a good understanding of my taste in anime, but wait there's more XD believe it or not, I'm fairly spontaneous so please bear that in mind. I've been watching anime for roughly 3-4 years and love it, it has opened my eyes to so much. My return trip to Japan will be vastly different this time around. I also enjoy Japanese music, and found a lot of pleasure in Jrock and Visual Kei, I guess being a naturally visual person the asthetics of Visual Kei appeal to me as much as the interesting quality of the music and the surprising lyrics that are far from common in most popular music these days. The anime that I have most enjoyed at the moment -Top Ten being irrelevent- is most probably Hoshizora e Kakeru Hashi it was simple and the characters are great. My favourite Manga is most probably Rosario to Vampire which unlike it's anime counterpart is incredibly interesting and has a far superior plot, and Tsukune kicks ass in the manga, seriously.


My favourite Genres are the following:

  • Romance

I don’t really know why, but I really appreciate the sentimental stuff, as a believer in true love and that romantic stuff, I love romance, to see two people over come hardship and be with each other is the most enjoyable thing.

  • Psychological

Being also a logical person I enjoy what these as it allows you see the effects of various thing and also allows you to see the inner working of great masterminds, I also love the thrill of watching them as well

  • Melancholy

Sometimes the fast-paced action/adventures are too much and you need to slow down, that what melancholies are for and not only that they are also very reflective and allow you to ponder the deeper meaning of them.

  • Ecchi

Sometimes you just wanna laugh, an ecchi comedy is great for that, and usually coupled with daioppai fanservice, you really can’t go wrong, wait you can, when the fanservice is pointless or too overpowering the anime drags, so I enjoy ecchi, in moderation.

  • Slice of Life

Especially as I was going through highschool and as I got through life, these will appeal to me because not matter how ridiculous they are, most of the plots are about overcoming or accepting what life throws at you, and that’s awesome.

  • Drama

I love the intense build-ups in Drama, when you know something horrible is going to happen but can’t place it, to the delicate moments, in essence a drama is best when coupled with romance ^.^

  • High Stakes

The thrill of it all, risking everything for a even greater reward, what an awesome rush that is, I love the adrenaline rush and the twists and turns as new rules are added or new players

  • Incest

Clearly stating it, I do not approve of this in real life. However the way that it is presented in anime creates the most profound effect, especially when done the right way, the element of forbidden love and the scorn of society as they try to show their love is real, is a powerful thing.



  • 5 Stars 

 A five star anime is an anime that I thoroughly enjoyed, it may not have been perfect, but it did satisfy me, either through characters and plot or the entire thing in general, but I love regardless of its faults, because there is no perfect.

  • 4.5 Stars 

 An anime that I rather enjoyed, however minor issues left me contemplating wether it is a true five-star, this means it’s great definitely recommended however not my absolute fave.

  • 4 Stars 

 4 stars, okay this is above average, not the best, but you should still watch it. A good animes, and this is roughly what I standardly rate anime, I like most anime and will recommend anything I watch to people, so four stars is just, hey you should watch this...

  • 3.5 Stars 

 Above average. These animes are good, but fail to keep me enthralled or engaged, this is what would border the almost not going to continue to watch, however I’m still watching it.

  • 3 Stars 

 Okay Still not average but damn close if you blew on it, it would be average. If I rate something three stars, I probably had to stick with and hoped for something good to eventuate from it, and was displease, I would still say others should watch it, but for me it's not on my re-watch list.

  • 2.5 Stars

 A mix between 2.0 and 3.0 not average, but not below average, try and work out what I mean

  • 2 Stars

Not bad, not good and not even average. Something about these anime severely lacked in multiple departments, the only reason I would get this low is if I over-react and dramatizing a certain point of an anime... So it would be rare to see this rating

  • 0.5-1.5 Stars

 Don't exist purely on the fact that if it's this bad, I'm not going to rate it, I'm not going to put it up on anime-planet, it will probably be hidden within my won't watch list.

Note. Just because they are rated by me doesn't mean they are the best or the worst. It’s just my opinion. Also if you’re browsing through anime and see that one is 3 stars give or take a few. Doesn't mean they are bad. It can be that low either because not enough people have rated it or because too many people have rated it so many crazy and various things that the rating gets mixed up. (borrowed cause I agree with it!)



The logic behind, Watching, Stalled, Dropped and Won't Watch

Watching... An anime that I have intention of watching and in all cases finishing, I'll rarely watch a series that isn't complete, because I like to have a small watching list XP

Stalled... I got bored, I have every intention of watching the anime, just not yet... OR I can't get the episodes I need for the series to be able to watch it.... OR I haven’t watched it in so long I can’t say that I'm watching it.

Dropped... I didn't like it, I may watch it again when I bring myself around, but, yeah, that's not going to happen anytime soon, think of dropped like and extended (almost permanent) stall.

Won't Watch... Although its bad not to even watch them, I will moved mostly everything tagged Shonnen-ai or Shoujo-ai here, other additions, with be those I really have no intention of watching or I thought they were so bad, that I don't want to go through the pain of watching them...

My Top 10

Favourite Characters (Top 10)


I’ll generally like any male character who stands up for what is right or his loved one, I loved people with warped logic or are just analytical. I also like an evil character if they really set the standard of evil XD

Tsukune Aono

Battler Ushiromiya

Maebara Keichi

Onizuka Eikichi

Nozumu Itoshiki (AKA Zetsubou Sensei)


Orihara Izaya


Uchiha Itachi

Cinque (Dog Days)


I find I seem incredibly biased to characters with daioppai, however because they are usually paired with a cute innocent attitude that makes them soooo adorable. I also like Yanderes for their incredibly affectionate side, as long as you don’t displease them. Idol characters are also great.  

Elfleda Mirjasdottir (Effie)

Tiffania Westwood

Nakuru Narumi

Sae Nakata

Hina Sakai

Princess Millhiore Firianno Biscotti

Katsura Kotonoha

Chizuru Akaba

Meme Touwa

Lizlet L. Chelsie



I’m only an amateur review, but I love to be able to share the experience with other people, so I will write reviews, if you want please comment and give constructive feedback, it will be highly appreciated.

Anime Not Added To Watched List

Because I have not watched them for so long that I see no point in including them:

Pokemon (Series and Movies, though as a kid I watched it all)

Dragonball (Z, GT, Movies included)


Yu-gi-oh (thanks to Yu-gi-oh Abridged I may watch this eventually o.o)

Beyblades (though Kai and Ray were awesome!)

Crush Gear Turbo

Mix Master: King of Cards (I’m 95% sure this is an anime, except it doesn’t exist on this site)

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Mar 12, 2011

add me this is my new account

Hentaikappa avatar Hentaikappa


Feb 18, 2011

Sorry to bother you again but maybe you can explain, how would he have destroyed the Gods by becoming a High Priest? Wouldn't that be feuling the fire?

Hentaikappa avatar Hentaikappa


Feb 18, 2011

No it's all right. Yeah I remember that part but it was still a shock that for the first episodes he was one way, and then they change him on you. I don't know. Sorry I was angry when I wrote this. I loved him so much in the beginning and they changed his reason. I'm thinking the transition is much better in the Light Novels (hopefully). This review was also a respond to others who said that the characters sucked.

Anyway, yeah I see what your saying and I take no offense to it.

MikiahLaw avatar MikiahLaw


Feb 11, 2011

Yes, it is who you think it is (:  , i've been watching Clannad finally .

Raiko avatar Raiko

Great Recommendations!

Feb 11, 2011

ooo~ I'll be sure to check out CLANNAD and Kanon as soon as I have time (which doesn't seem to be soon, if my homework pile is any indication *sighs*).

Usually, if I cry during an anime, I take it as a sign that it is good enough to have emtionally effected me. Either that, or it's time to sleep, as I've found that I cry more easily later at night (and not dehydrated).

Speaking about anime that made me cry, I noticed you have Kuroshitsuji on stalled, and I do hope you continue watching that sometime, because I love it!!!

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