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Yosuga no Sora

Apr 2, 2011

During Fall 2010 I found myself uniquely drawn to this title Yosuga no Sora, I had read a expectation of it on a iPod application which I have been using for a while now to rate and choose what I would watch, had I known that it would have turned out to be a borderline-H I may have reconsidered, I’m glad I didn’t. For all its worth Yosuga no Sora was surprisingly a really enjoyable anime –however I wouldn’t recommend it too innocents and those who hate perversion/ nudity- and I had a great time watching it.


Interestingly enough the story of Yosuga no Sora was good, I would even say great. The story follows an omnibus format pretty similar to that of Kanon and Amagami SS, in which the protagonist spends ‘arcs’ with each of the females, as to provide most situations which occur in the Visual Novel versions. I found that each arc had an interesting story; I particularly liked the last arc and the second arc, as they display the greatest depth of character in the main character –Haru- and the female pairing. The stories, regardless of being disjointed each arc provides useful information for the following arc which makes watching it in order enjoyable. The arcs follow a simple pattern: introduction of the female protagonist, discovering their ‘problem,’ the two working together to resolve the female’s problem and then a sex scene. Unfortunately this last part, I believe, ruined the awesome feeling that was created (maybe cause I’m a wuss like that XP). I had only one problem with the story; that is each arc developed really quickly, and left a School Days effect on me, causing me to doubt if it was really love or just lust.  But on a side note, I commend the Motoka arc as it manage to develop a decent story –minus the abundance of sex- in five minute sections after the first ending song.


As all anime coming out in very recent years the style is neat, clean and crisp –so much so, watching Beck hurt my eyes- I think the animation of the recent animes is what keeps me watching them regardless of how stupid the story gets, there are a few scenes –particularly of Sora- which seem recycled which lets down the appeal of the anime, but in the bigger picture I don’t think that matters. Furthermore the ‘sex’ scene were done in a way that didn’t leave the audience disturbed (providing they are not already disturbed) showing very minimal amounts and not showing too much, this I believe redeemed the anime somewhat, as I didn’t feel all that wrong after the end of each arc. In addition the uses of chibis in the five minute segments were hilarious and awesome; the highlight being Akira’s massive head, especially when Akira consumes an entire WHALE in one of the five minute segments.


Simply, I loved it, the mood created was amazing each piece used was perfect for each situation. An example being, during the Nao arc, Sora and Nao meet in the bus shelter, dark music plays as they talk, only to be enhanced but an ominous premonition sometime bad was going to happen, School Days was definitely coming to mind at this point. The opening, is a beautiful, light-hearted song ( I apologise if the lyric contradict this) and was a drawing point to keep watching the anime, this paired with the second ending (Pinky Jones by Momoiro Clover) made the sounds part of this anime amazing, I remember the agony my friend and I endured waiting for Pinky Jones to be released so we could listen to the ‘awesomeness’ of it, the first ending, is sad and reflective and emphasises the dramatic parts of the episode before it.


Though vaguely School Days like, I loved most of them. The cast is large and varied to appeal to all viewers with their unique traits. My favourites had to be the mysterious but extremely kind Kazuha and the energetic (in more ways than one) Motoka. Each characters distinct traits and histories made each arc feel similar enough, yet completely different at the same time. The main protagonist, Haru, seems typical but conveyed deep emotions in some of the arcs, making the series quite enjoyable to watch.


Not for everyone, simply said, some will like it, others will hate it. But for those who can endure through the sex scenes and incest themes, the anime is extremely enjoyable and worth watching.

Reviewer’s Note:

If your reading this please tell me what you think ^.^


8.5/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
9/10 overall
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isai112 Apr 16, 2012

Agreed with your review after reading many i was skeptical about watching it but it turn out to be a hidden gem. The over view of the animation was well done, the picture looked great and conbined with the music brought forth a great setting. I have to say that there are a very few romance anime that seem to captivate the viewer's Pathos and work on it to make you like the anime. Great review and well said

shatnershaman Jun 26, 2011

I really hated the lead char so... even if it was non-pron sex scenes (like School Days), I would still not like it (now if he was a girl.... :P). At first I thought it was normal story format so he was in fact cheating on the last girl each time and was going to get yandere gang-raped at the end.... nope :( Sister was cute and ate pocky <3

Review was short and sweet, though I disagree on how much was shown since it had blatent "Buy it on Blu-ray" censorship as opposed to "tasteful" censorship :

RiseAgain May 10, 2011

Best way I could describe the last arc is bitter-sweet and tear jerking. An Awsome review, I disagree with xplayer the story would have a totally different "feel" if they hadn't put it in the omnibus format. Also I believe that this did have a originality, I came into anime expecting a standard romance-ish anime. This anime tackled quite a sensitive issue and that in itself was a big risk for the producers because it could of lead to the total downfall of the anime but Yosuga no sora deals with it in a way that keeps the viewer (for the lack of a better description) in a moral "neutral" zone, not quite comfortable with the idea but comfortable enough to see the deeper relationship between the two. Again, great review!

Xplayer Apr 28, 2011

I found it interesting that you enjoyed the repetitiveness of the anime, the fact that each arc is essentially a rhyme of the last. I guess most harem anime are like that, but with this one each of the stories didn't seem distinct or original enough (like with Kanon or Clannad). The cyclic nature of the anime also undid a lot of character development, as after each arc the characters would reset. I'm not saying your opinion is wrong; I just find it interesting that the elements I aboslutely hated are ones that other people love.

chinwagler Apr 21, 2011

Agreed completely with your review, however I would have personally prefered the 2nd arc or the 3rd  arc at the end so as not to leave the anime on an incest theme