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Soul Eater

Mar 19, 2010

Okay this is my first review so don't be to harsh on me! XD

Soul Eater is an anime that has stuck in my mind, because though it follows of the same conventions of a shonnen anime (eg Naruto, Bleach and D.Gray-man) it felt completly different... This was at a time in my anime watching time that I was getting sick of Bleach and Naruto, I was finding it far too repeatative and dull, but Soul Eater changed that.


Yes Soul Eater is a Shonnen Anime, basically fight-based with the main character (in this case characters) developing more abilities to help defeat the enemies that they couldn't defeat at the time. But it feels different. The idea of having weapons with a human form is akward and confusing at first but becomes well suited. The first three episodes are great perfect for getting your friends hooked on Soul Eater and Anime in general, balancing comedy with seriousness. The first three episode mostly focus on comedy though. The Story is good in a way that it alludes to something major happening, but never actually saying it until it happens. In the two Arcs of Soul Eater I found the second arc more enjoyable, except for one thing (discussed later in sound). The psychological elements of the black blood made the series enjoyable, as I personally enjoy a good deal of psychological scenes in an anime. The end also was annoying, it didn't truely satisfy me and left me wanting to see another season, so hopefully there are plans for that.


I found that the animation style of Soul Eater was fairly good, the animators paid particular attention to the fight scenes and made the movements fairly realistic, the only thing that was irratating was that the characters get majorly defeated, then miraculously get up, eventhough they coughed up 20L of blood. But Aprt from that the Animation is nice and the openings and endings were well done.


Now one thing I must make a point of.... The first opening RESONANCE is one of the best openings for an anime I have seen, I tried not to skip the opening, the upbeat, bassy tune and the rap-like singing makes the intro surprisingly catchy. I was destroyed when they changed the opening for the second arc, but after 5- 10 episodes the second opening is Paper Moon is good, but it is not RESONANCE. The Endings are quite good my favourite being the last I think it is, it has a nice feeling to it, though the clip accomping it is quite morbid. The sound used throughout the anime is good and is perfect for setting the mood, the character themes suit the characters well and the music makes the epic scene far more epic.


Soul Eater has an absolutly epic cast of Characters. Though many bare similarities to other Shonnen anime characters (Black Star = Naruto Uzumaki) (Soul Eater = Sasuke Uchiha) (Spirit = Komui Lee) (Maka = Rukia Kuchiki) they have their own individual back storys and it is great to find out about the characters. The most notable individual characters are Excalibur, Shinigami-sama and Death the Kid. The writer of Soul Eater enjoys their historic references using characters like :  Dr Frankenstien (Stien) Al Capone and Jack the Ripper, using this creates a sense of recognition, as you have heard of these people... Another character worth mentioning is Mifune, I would say he is a Tsundere character (but I'm not totally sure) and develops well. Along with the other characters I havent mention, Soul Eater offers a variety of many characters each with there unique personalities.


I enjoyed watching Soul Eater, but when it come to Anime I am still quite young, there are many animes yet that I will experience, but I will say that Soul Eater left a considerable mark on me and changed my opinion of Shonen animes, if you want something interesting, yet serious, yet comical Soul Eater is an obvious choice!

Overall Score 8/10

Take Care


7/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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shatnershaman Jun 26, 2011

Excalibur, Excalibur

From United Kingdom

I'm looking for him

I'm going to California~

I loved the art style but couldn't get into the show (I want to kill Black Star).

Good review, I missed the bolding form your newer ones though :P

Why do you put it as "shonnen"?

Carnificus Apr 4, 2011

Solid review man, I definitely have to agree with you about the ending though, thought they could've done a way better job with it. The way they defeated the final guy didn't really make any sense lol.

shaelaw Mar 19, 2010

Lol, a great review.

The animation section of the review is funny cos it's true.