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Ouran High School Host Club is one of my top choices when it comes to story and overall ratings. Why? Simply because I love reverse harem and rom-com stories :P

The plot is the best possible plot ever. I cried a lot, laughed so much, and even fell in love with them. That's how great the story is! I never expected that Kaoru would give up his feelings for Haruhi just because he knew that Hikaru feels the same way for Haruhi in the early part of the story. I was moved by Kaoru's efforts just to help Hikaru and make him realize his feelings. When Hikaru realized his feelings and made a move, I was cheering for him (LOL). I felt so disappointed when he did the same thing to help Tamaki even though he really really love Haruhi (-.-")! (That opinion is biased because I'm in favor of Hikaru :P) But, I realized that it is better than any other possible plot. Another reason for my disappointment is Kyoya. I think that Kyoya would best fit to become Tamaki's rival. Anyway, the story would be better if he, at least, didn't stop his interest for Haruhi even before it developed. I just thought that they will also have few more lovey-dovey moments.

In addition to the story plot, wouldn't it be better if the mangaka made another special chapter regarding their future? I wanted to know what happened to Kyoya, their company and his brother's fiancee. Kyoya and that girl deserves a special chapter about their love story! :P

Characters in the story fit perfectly as they are so I really have nothing to say about it! *hands down*

I hated Tamaki Suoh at first but I learned to love his character so much as I read further. He's the type of guy that can't be easily found. He's a perfect idiot and a perfect lover! *o*


10/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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