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Guilty Crown

Sep 11, 2012

Being my fourth mecha series so far, straight after titles such as Code Geass and Eureka Seven, I remember having quite high expecations of Guilty Crown when I first got word of it. Fortunately for me though - since high expecations tend to ruin my experience of a series -, I was already watching quite a number of other, good series at the time, which resulted in me forgetting about Guilty Crown for more than a month. So when I finally picked it up, I had forgotten what I expected of it, and started watching with a fresh mind.

Like most animes of medium length (~20-50 eps), Guilty Crown proved not to immediately have me imprisoned in desire to watch more of it. Guilty Crown needed six episodes - two at a time - to make me come back - not to know, but to purely watch more of the series. Episode 15 saw a 'Code Geass'-like development spread it's wings like a falcon on the hunt, diving straight down at me with a speed surpassing 100 kmph and mercilessly catching me on the spot. And while the music did not specifically catch my ear (with the exception of the two tracks sung by Inori), it did a good job in bringing the excitement a tonal embodiment. 

Needless to say, I finished the show in that same sitting, being both thrilled and scared by where the chaos and character development might ultimately take the characters that I had grown to care and wish happiness for. Guilty Crown proved to be similiar to Code Geass in development, while at the same time creating and successfully maintaining a sense of originality. Still, yet unsurprisingly, Guilty Crown could not beat the experience that Code Geass R2 offered. 

Although its ending was executed in a less proper way than Code Geass, Guilty Crown made it in a kinder way; and while some may argue that such an ending may be less memorable, it really doesn't matter to me - I do not forget thrill of the kind that Guilty Crown employed to suddenly make me immersed in it, enough to forget about both time and need of sleep, just to watch more. And more. And. More.

?/10 story
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7.9/10 overall
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