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Strawberry 100%

A late-bloomingly heart-grasping mix of humor, vividly strong emotions and a fairly big dose of fan-service. The latter may be too much for some readers, especially if they haven't seen worse before and/or simply cannot like the rest of Ichigo to make an exception. 

 From start and until the beginning of the very end of the series, Ichigo seemed to be clearly different from other harem mangas, in the way that a support-ish kind of character seemed to be the "main/ultimate" heroine of the stories. Upon finishing the manga and finding that I had got the wrong idea, I was disappointed in how the series did not actually break the norm of having a more outgoing. (If it did, I would've given Ichigo 8/10 instead.)

 Still, I clearly feel that "Ichigo 100%"was worth my time, because of how I increasingly grew close to the story, and was - by the latter half of the series - almost directly linked to what was going on in most of the characters' lives: laughing at the jokes, sharing their happiness, and, above all: making me sympathize with a certain characters pains like very few other works have ever managed. 

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
7/10 overall
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