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Usually, the genre known as Slice of Life goes hand in hand with Romance in one way or another. As a big-time fan of this most natural combination, it has almost become a policy for me not to experience one part without the other. Still, upon seeing how popular a certain simply yet nicely drawn Slice of Life anime had grown without an ounce of romance in it, I decided to make an exception to my policy and give "K-On!" a try.  

While the first two or three episodes did not particularily catch my interest, somewhere around episode 5 suddenly had me laughing real good and - by the end of the episode - finding myself to be sincerely happy. Upon further inspection [read: watching] of "K-On!" and my suddenly liking the show, I came to a conclusion: the characters and their friendship are adorable enough not only to make the show warm and happy without any romance, but also to turn the most worn out and simple of jokes into the laughter filled experiences that people loved them for being in the first place.

To summarize my point, what makes "K-On!" such a great feel-good anime is its characters. And although it's cliffhangerless (un)structure is a double-edged sword (hence my not giving the show 5/5) which makes the show lack in gravitational attraction, it is partly that very offering to the benefit of feel-good that makes "K-On!" an exceptional Slice of Life to be enjoyed by almost anyone who likes anime.

-About me-

Currently studying social science at high school.

Primary interests are reading manga, watching anime, listening to music, practicing strength training, playing video- and computer-games, and being with my friends in general.

Secondary interests include creating avatars and signatures, playing drums, reading on nutrition- and workout-related science and learning more about the English and Japanese languages.

When it comes to gaming, I prefer to play a select few, brawl-like multiplayer fighting games at a time, meaning that I do rather stick to my favorites than go search for new, temporary ones.

My current short-term aim is to re-rate some anime.

-My rating system (beta v1.0)-

[MIP = Most Important Parts of a manga/anime = Comedy, Romance and Suspense]

(Obviously, any pros included in a specific grade are also existent in any grade higher than that.)

10: Tirelessly awesome work of a genius!! Flawless*! Perfectly* satisfying in at least two of the MIP's.

(* Well, generally speaking. Real flawlessness doesn't exist anywhere, imho. Besides, flaws may sometimes be part of what makes a show good, too.)

 9: Masterpiece! Flaws: Minor or semi-major event that did occur/minor to major event that didn't occur and therefore affected my impression of the show, OR not enough satisfaction in MIP's to reach grade 10 criteria.

 8: Great. Sports at least one interesting* character. (*I may define this some other time.) Flaws: Minor or semi-major event that did/didn't occur and thereby affected my impression of the show, plus not enough satisfaction in MIP's to reach grade 10 criteria. OR negative absence or presence of a major event.

 7: Really good. Makes me honestly interested in knowing what's going to happen next. Flaws: See grade 8, plus partial lack* of seriousness in EITHER suspense OR romance. (* Enough to bug me.)

 6: Good. Has the abillity make me laugh (and not only giggle). Sports at least one likeable character. Flaws: See grade 8, plus partial lack of seriousness in both romance (or quality of comedy, if the work doesn't include any real romance-plot) and suspense.

 5: Average. Makes me honestly want to know the work's going to end. Can make me giggle. Flaws: See grade 8, plus lack of quality in suspense and/or romance.

4Mediocre. It's possible for me to endure the work from start to finish. If I do finish the work, it will be because I desired to mark it as "Read"/"Watched" here on anime-planet. (At this point, the flaws are too many for me to want to elaborate on them.)

 3Oh no, this is bad. I just won't make it until the end.

 2: Really baaaaad! Where >20 chapters/ >10 eps is an impossibility. 

 1: GAME OVER. I can tell from the 1-6 first chapters/ 1-3 first eps that I will never like this work.      

-Good to know-

Sometimes a work starts out good but ends up making me dislike it. This is always caused by at least one of the following villainous factors:

a) There's too much Ecchi content.

b) The work's going on for waaaay too long.

c) The main character is overly indecisive. (Generally applies to romance-plots.)

There are also a few heroic factors which aren't necessarily required for a good impression, but nonetheless have the abillity to make a work shine even brighter:

x) An awesome soundtrack. (Anime only.)

y) A beautiful drawing tehcnique. (Mainly applies to manga.)

z) A fresh feel of originality to the story. (Disregarding whether it really is original or not.)   

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buchno Apr 28, 2012

Hehe, that was a fun read :]

Just don't become too obsessed with achievements, it's probably not good for you ;]"I wanna re-watch some good ol' favorite animes. Too bad anime-planet doesn't allow me to include re-watches into "my life spent on anime"."

Also, "c) The main character is overly indecisive. (Generally applies to romance-plots.)", that is so flippin' true.

buchno Apr 17, 2012

Staying tuned, I am.

xtrablu Feb 14, 2012

Yup, C.C. is one of my favourite anime chars. :)  

Witty, characteristic, professional, pretty strong, calm...

... and though she tends to act rather cold, she's a kind person at heart.

buchno Jan 7, 2012


Okay, to be serious, welcome to Anime-Planet Mr. Xtrablu!