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I am 20 years old and am working on creating an anime review series on youtube. I am also working on creating my very own website for game creation and hope to come out with a game editing software like the rpg maker series. I play guitar and on my free time when im not busy working or hanging out with friends i watch anime when possible I would consiter my self to be an anime critic. I always look for the good aspects of an anime and the bad and let people judge for themselves whether they want to watch a certain anime. I like horror romance and mystery anime because most of them make you think about things from the characters perspective. Genres I don't like are mecha reverse harem and slice of life. I don't like mecha because if we were to actually ever get giant fighting robots i believe that if we were to build any gundoms this world would not exist. I don't like harems in general do to the fact most of the ones ive watched it's some week guy who has no good aspects gets five girls for absolutly no reason. I hate slice of life because i like to use my imagination and slice of life is to realistic to me.

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