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I first started to get into non-children animated series when I watched the movies The Secret of Nimh and Watership Down. However in the US, at the time, that was pretty much the extent of more adult related material in animation. I knew there had to be something more.....

My first real jump into Anime itself was the late 80's when Streamline Productions first began bringing titles over from Japan. My first non-kiddie series you ask? Well my friend brought me into the fray right with Fist of the North Star: Movie. I watched the movie with great delight, and I knew it was something great. At the time there was just no way Hollywood or anything else could get close to accomplishing the imaginations of writers the way Anime could. From that point I was hooked.

There were few titles in those days, and nearly all of them were VHS and subtitled only. There were some really great stories out there like Battle Angel: OVA. However my life took a different turn when I entered the service in 96'. During that time I tried not to own too much cause of how often change of station happened, so there were very few Anime i would buy and keep. There were always Anime watchers on base, but it was always speratic to find other fans. Most of the time, it just ended up being collections being passed from one person to the next as people came and left the various bases I was assigned to. The only series I managed to retain through my travels once I picked it up was The Slayers, and as they came out the following two seasons.

Long story short, my Anime watching during that time was few and far between given world events and duties, but after 10 years I got out. I have been out since Feb 05'

Once out, I began looking for the various series I had or once had for DVD and promptly bought them. I had lurked on ANN from the very first days, but didnt join until many years later. I primarily used the site to find Anime and the current news for what may be coming out.

My collection has grown at an astronomical pace since i left the service. As you can see here:


I still love books, games and Anime, and now that I have the freedom, I'm going to enjoy them as much as I can. You are never too old to enjoy a good story, and I never will be.

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Cfos Jul 28, 2008

Just discovered your amazing Top 5!! (Shana 4ever^^)

Your watched list is pretty nice too, even though some rankings made me a bit sad (D.N Angel, FMP)

Don't you watch Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo...??

Otaku108 Jun 16, 2008

Because you make me laugh sometimes, because we're the same age, because we're both Texans, because you have excellent taste in anime, and because everyone needs comments and friends! Added ;)