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Ohayo! I'm Xesxen from the Netherlands. I live in the south of Limburg and my current occupation is being a student. Besides being a student, I also do some developementwork for Anime-Planet. 


Personal milestones and archievements (m-d-y):

09-25-2013: Watched 300 animes
03-08-2014: Watched 4 months worth of anime
12-26-2014: Watched 400 animes 

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234 total

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chad28 says...

The new enhancements are cool. Thanks for the hard work.

Feb 6, 2015
ventage says...

Thanks for your all hard work that you have done for anime-plane ^_^

Feb 5, 2015
Mykorrhiza says...

Thanks for all your hard work on getting Crunchyroll integrated and all.. I hope that pushes all your efforts more in the spotlight so more and more people are interested.

The biggest problem where I live (Germany) is that many Anime are restricted. You might not get prosecuted for watching animes illegally but.. well I want to support the industry and watch legal Anime. Thanks to all your efforts it might get better and better in the future and I can watch more and more Anime on Crunchyroll. (:

Mar 8, 2014
anibax says...

Thank You :)

Mar 4, 2014
RedShadow says...

Wow! Keep doing what youre doing I appreciate it. AP is number 1 in my books.

Mar 3, 2014