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Erm..... i dont really have much to say at the moment. pardon the spelling and grammer btw.... my ph sounding key doesnt work and one o the shipht keys too. anyway i was so surprised at how long id spent watching anime lol.... however its a bit longer than that. this site needs to enable the time you spend watching a series more than once. iv watched the whole ull metal alchemist and gravitation series at least 5 times..... ull metal a bit more than that...... but yeah...ah....Im 16 and i hope to get my learners licence soon...aaaand Im in year 11 at high school atm..... I love music and drama, Im a singer and I have a band. oh and I have multicoloured hair >.< its so much un....its really long and I re-dye it every 3 or 4 months.... its always a dierent micks (did i mention my ecks key doesnt work either?) o red, green, purple, blue etc.....yeah lots o un. ....

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