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Yo! If you happen to stumble upon this profile, feel free to send me a suggestion of an anime you think I would like. Some genre's that I love ae Action/Adventure/Romance/Drama. I'm not a big mecha, scifi, ecchi person.

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sesshomarux24x Oct 22, 2011

And I saw you like action ecchi and comedy, and just off the top of my head without lookin, thats Infinite Stratos

sesshomarux24x Oct 22, 2011

Yo I was reading your profile and saw HOTD was your favorite anime, and it is one of mine as well, so I thought I would reccomend some more for you:

-Samurai Champloo


-Darker Than Black


-Cowboy Bepop

Ive watched a lot of anime, and those are the best action anime Around in my opinion. But if you let me know exactly what genres you wanna watch right now; action, romance, adventure, ecchi, comedy, sci-fi, ect.... I watch every kind of anime there is so I can probably give you many more reccomendations. Welcome

xXxHotDxXx Jul 7, 2011

Always looking for more anime, if you have a suggestion let me know.