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Hey everyone!!! im actually studying in japan at keio university!!! hell yea i live in japan!!! im from canada and i love anime, i love to play some Galge (bishoujo game) every now and then. mehe..that's all d(o_0)b Oh!! and i really love moe and cute thing even tough im a guy!!

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naituramin Jan 7, 2008

sorry I havent shown you anything my scanner died a horrible death...I know its sad. lol. I'm typing up the begining of the story, I can send that instead? if you want

Tomikohara Dec 29, 2007

1000$!? Although that sonds pricey, that's not even Half of the price I've seen everywhere o.o  but... congrats =P

naituramin Dec 29, 2007

you know what im lazy lol, If you wanna see those pictures my myspace is 


Im still working on the characters for my story, im kinda paranoide to show them to anyone.....lol, I dont wanna hear they suck. 

naituramin Dec 29, 2007

Do you have a myspace??  I only ask cuz I have some pictures I have drawn on there.

Tomikohara Dec 29, 2007

Aaah! You should have taken me with you when you left! I've been Dieing to go to Japan, and I'm currently just rotting away here >_> But tell me... How scary was the plane ticket price? =P