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So I figured it was about time for me to update my profile...

My real name is a secret but in the virtual world we call the internet I am known as Randomosity! Please check me out on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/xRandomosityx

I have been watching anime for about three years now... How I got into it is sort of a long story but I am glad I tried it because for the longest time I though it was completely stupid (but having only been exposed to the DBZ dub is it any wonder?) Anyway, it's now my favourite form of entertainment!

My favourite anime genres are action, romance, and drama. I used to only watch romances (hence all the romances in my "watched" list) but then I gave Death Note a try and my world of anime expanded immensely! Since then I have watched animes like Samurai Champloo, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop and I have loved them all!

My favourite pairings (official and slash) would have to be...

Kanda x Allen - D.Gray-man

Abe x Mihashi

America x England

Yoite x Miharu

I have read/own alot more manga than is on my current manga list but it will be updated slowly...

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wolfiechan16 says...

Konnichiwa! Thanks for the Welcome. Hope to see ya 'round!


Apr 8, 2009
pitypancake says...

^^ konbawa

Jan 23, 2009
ehood says...

Heeey! I have new anime DVD's to force you to watch! <3

Call me some time!!!

Jan 10, 2009
jomarytorres1 says...

hey hey

is always good to find a bleach lover here and there

thanks for the comment



Jan 2, 2009
mormi says...

welcome DN fan :)

Nov 27, 2008