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Hey! My name's Michel. My Favorite animes are

1. Death Note:                    

2. Angel Beats:         

3. Darker Than Black

4. Fullmetal Alchemist

5. Elfen Lied                             

6. High School of the Dead       


- I haven't watched much anime but i love to watch new ones! So if you have any suggestions i would like to hear them! I am gonna start to read manga, hopefully it's as good as the animes!

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Shiraiyuki Jan 13, 2013

I had a great Christmas as well!! From september to ndecember I was on a semi-hiatus or whatev because I had so many tests and assignments I didn't have time to do almost anything and and now in January Ive been in full Hiatus, till yesterday when I RE-watched some Ao no E. eps. -- so no, I havent been very happy lately -.-School Sucks. So. Fucking. Much. I hate it -.-

Wut about you? Plz tell me you were a lil happier than me XP

Shiraiyuki Dec 30, 2012

Hey how have you been? we havent talked in ages XD

Hop you had a Merry Christmas :)

Shiraiyuki May 5, 2012

I saw the first  10 min of the first ep just to try it out and Î didnt like it at first. But now Ive decided I want to finish my huge stalled list, and every anime deserves a chance, except Yosuga no Sora, I dont know whyI watched it - it was sick; so why not? Maybe its good, we shouldnt judge an anime by its frist eps, I came to realise that, altho I did that to the 1st season of Queen's Blade, cause of all the nudity.

But right now Im watching Sankarea, and I think its one of the best animes this year.

Shiraiyuki Mar 25, 2012

humm... well i think you should read manga, its awesome (in general, cause some manga suck)

and about the anime, i think Highschool DxD is more or less like that, i havent watched it yet, but from what i read in one of my forums,

its about a boy who gets turned into a vampire (i think or maybe just a demon) and he's the slave of the pretiest girl in school (she's a demon/vampire/whatever) and there's a bunch of other girls who are demons/vampires/whatever, so its a harem

Shiraiyuki Mar 23, 2012

yeah i ve seen Rosario+Vampire, its great, have to warn you there are a lotta panties, and its a harem, so you will probably get pissde sometimes, thinking "He should end up with.....not with....!"

ive also seen the 2nd season , its kinda crappy, the firs one is way better!

so, U dont like manga?