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About me? What kind of post is this?

I'm a young aspiring writer. I've been into anime and manga ever since I was little and was introduced to my Dad's copy of Gunbuster (!) on Laserdisk. (!!) I grew up with Pokemon, Digimon and Fox Kids like a lot of 90s kids. It wasn't until the early 2000's that I got into the anime fandom. Slightly around 2005 to be exact.

I'd stayed up late one night because I wasn't tired and was flipping through the TV channels and I stumbled acrossed YTV's airing of Inu Yasha. Soon after, a local video store opened up downtown and my parents went to check it out. They ended up bringing me two videos: a movie called Landlock being the noticable one.

Ever since then, I've been a anime fan. Landlock was a terrible movie but it's still a guilty pleasure. (Stupid Sexy Eran. It's not like I had a c-c-childhood c-crush on you or anything!)

As for my interests, I'm mostly a sci-fi and mecha fan. I dabble a bit of fantasy as well if the plot and characters are good. I'll watch a show as long as I like the characters.

My reviews will be based on what I believe. Does the show have good writing? Does it have good characters? Does it have a good plot? Does it have good action? Those are all qualities I look for in a show. If I think a show sucks horribly, I'll let you know. Clearly.

But keep in my mind: The reviews I post are my opinions. Maybe you can enjoy the show when I couldn't or maybe I can enjoy a show you didn't.

Mind you; I'll check out a show if anybody shoots me a comment reccomending it to me if you want my thoughts. Keep in my mind though; I'll need some very convincing arguments on why I should check out those shows.

Note: I'm a sucker for a certain lovable GaoGaiGar-tan which rainbows are more straighter than~

~Force is not canonnnnnnn~

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What?! No manga ratings?

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