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I'm a big Anime fan. I'm always looking forward to good Animes and friends. I live in a small town with about 2 kids around my age, but even so there is nothing to do so I either play video games or watch Anime. I mostly play Xbox on Gears of War 3, if anyone has an Xbox and wants to play then send me a comment with your Gamertag!! I also play sports such as football. I try to keep my grades up and just recently got rank #1 in my class. I don't live with a rich family, I live with a family that barely gets by, but I couldn't ask for a better family (maybe my sisters, but they aren't that bad.. I guess..)

Anyway I just recently started watching Anime again and I've enjoyed it very much. My top 5 animes are always changing, but right now they are

1. Clannad & Clannad After Story

Clannad & Clannad After Story were truly amazing. It made me smile, laugh, cry, and sometimes sing the dango song. Clannad After Story was what grabbed me though. The bitter sweet and the emotional/depressing moments hit me like a bullet to the head. Even the moments where there is happiness I still felt like crying out of joy and I'm not the type to cry at all. Clannad is a very moving anime and will be on my top 5 for a long, long time.

Favorite Character - Very very tough.. but Ushio!

Least Favorite Character - Mei Sunohara

2. Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf was a pretty awesome anime. It is an anime that younger people should not watch unless they have knowledge of some business material. This anime involves a lot of making money, losing money, oweing money, and the plans on making money. It was pretty difficult for me to follow, but I managed. The animation is great too in my opinion. Also I love wolves so that played a good role of why I liked this anime!

Favorite Character - Holo!

Least Favorite Character - Chloe

 3. Mashiro-iro Symphony

Mashiro-Iro Symphony had a great romance story. Two schools are merging. A regular school and an all girls school with high class girls. A guy gets picked as a special student to go to the all girls school along with other guys and girls. On his first day he finds out that most of the girls are very irritated about the merging so he tries to eases the tension. It's basically a harem, and a good one at that! 

Favorite Character - Sana Inui

Least Favorite Character - Hard one since they are all pretty cool.. Sakuno Uryuu

4. Code Geass

Code Geass had an amazing story. The animation was incredible. It had a way of making me want to watch episode after episode just to see Lelouch succeed. Code Geass is number 4 because I think the Lelouch was very bipolar in season 2. Also I'm not a huge fan of mech.

Favorite Character - C.C.

Least Favorite Character - Of course.. Nina Einstein

5. Angel Beats!

Angel Beats! story was amazing to me. It was nice all around. The sound, the scenery, the characters, and the action all appealed to me. Angel Beats! setting is where teenagers go to live a happy childhood so they can rest in peace. It is like a place in between the living world, and heaven.

Favorite Character - Tenshi

Least Favorite Character - Noda

Even though these are my top 5 I still enjoyed watching:


Shuffle!                               Fav. Character - Sia & Primula         Least Fav. - Itsuki Midoriba

Dragonaut: The Resonance    Fav. Character - Toa                     Least Fav. - Asim Jamar

Birdy The Mighty Decode        Fav. Character - Birdy/ Arita Shion!! Least Fav. - Capella

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai  Fav. Character - Kodaka Hasegawa   Least Fav. - Rika Shiguma

Death Note                           Fav. Character - L (Of course)        Least Fav. - Mello

Air                                       Fav. Character - Misuzu Kamio       Least Fav. - Kano Kirishima

Ao no Exorcist                         Fav. Character - Rin Okumura           Least Fav. - Ernest Egin

Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~  Fav. Character - Benitsubasa         Least Fav. - Hiroto Minaka

Omamori Himari                   Fav. Character - Himari Noihara      Least Fav. - Shuten-Douji

Myself; Yourself                   Fav. Character - Nanaka Yatsushiro Least Fav. - Kaji

School Days                         Fav. Character - Hikari Kuroda        Least Fav. - Makoto Itou

GANTZ                                 Fav. Character - Kei Kurono           Least Fav. - GANTZ

Darker than Black                Fav. Characters - Hei & Yin             Least Fav. - Zhijun Wei

Air Gear                              Fav. Character - Agito Wanijima      Least Fav. - Kaito Wanijima

Highschool of the Dead         Fav. Character - Saeko Busujima    Least Fav. - Koichi Shido

Eden of the East                  Fav. Character - Akira Takizawa      Least Fav. - Daiju Mononobe

Elfen Lied                            Fav. Character - Lucy & Nyu           Least Fav. - Bando

Chobits                               Fav. Character - Chii                     Least Fav. - Yoshiyuki Kojima

Zero No Tsukaima                Fav. Character - Louise                 Least Fav. - Jean-Jacques

Shakugan No Shana             Fav. Character - Shana                  Least Fav. - Hecate

Naruto                               Fav. Character - Itachi, Ino, Kiba     Least Fav. - Orochimaru

Nabari No Ou                      Fav. Character - Yoite                     Least Fav. - Miharu Rokujou

Sora no Otoshimono          Fav. Character - Sohara Mitsuki         Least Fav. - Tomoki Sakurai


I always wish I lived in some of the Animes I've watched so far. It seems like in Animes everything goes great or everything is so exciting and not one day is boring!! Our world is so plain and boring filled with backstabbing people or people who think they are all that. I'm still waiting for my ordinary life to be changed by something and I get super powers or power! Or I meet a girl that has powers and picks me as her side person haha!! (I'm not crazy, I just have a great imagination! :P)

Btw sorry if my bio is a little weird. I just say what comes to mind, and Idc if you dislike it! Haha. Much love to all my Anime friends.

Favorite Quotes

Agito (Air Gear) "My plan was perfect, but there was one thing I overlooked! One factor I failed to calculate." "He's a dumbass.... and there's no accounting for dumbass........ ness."

Agito & Ikki (Air Gear) Agito "Hey Crow! I thought we could both use a change of                                                      clothes."                                                                                                              Ikki "Aw come on! I thought you were a bitchin bride."                                                        Agito "Fuck you!"




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NeiniAurora3500 Dec 7, 2011

Hi there!

Looks like you have Clannad, Angel Beats, and Code Geass as some of your favorite anime. Those are excellent shows! What's up?

ItsumoHitori Dec 4, 2011

yeah i'm a sucker for that kind of thing too, rin would be so good with that girl(can't remember her name haha). but that's good to know you think both halves are as good!

i might've already said this, but you should so watch kanon when winter break comes round. since you loved angel beats and clannad it'll definitely be great fot you.

btw, i saw some of the other comments, you've played the school days vn?

Madoka Dec 4, 2011

ah awsome i also look forward to it (not like i seen season 2 xD but i am starting season 2 in a few days)

Hmmm i dont so much mind the anime's where a loved character dies but it depends, i like something tragic but i dont like it being spammed, so one anime once in a while with a sad twist to make the viewer feel sad, i kinda enjoy these ones, them or emotional scenes but i couldnt watch to many of them.

Hmm i think i would rather in school days case it started bad and got better xD i like it when the end is better than the start (lets face it alot of anime's dont start to interesting). As for its game, i think its not out till january, but i assume J-list will sell it (most likely) but i think i will check its game, games are usually more better, clannad game is alotbetter, except for after story, i think the anime did awsome there, the game rushes through to quick.

I already seen Myself;Yourself ^^ watched it about 2 or3 months back but i agree its a very enjoyable watch :D i still felt sorry for that girl of the twins (cant remember names to well now lol) but her and nanaka <3

Rachii1994 Dec 3, 2011

Thank you very much :DD

Ouran High School Host CLub is a Harem ANime, but a good one. It's about a club within a rich highschool and Haruhi, a girl who is disguised as a boy, transfers to the school and is an honor student.

It's a really good Anime, there is some hint of homosexuality, but it is pretty hilarious XD A lot of plot twists, some weirdness, some sillyness, and your every average drama and romance.

It's pretty good.

Fruits Basket is another Harem. Tohru, Yuki, and Kyou are the main characters. Tohru lost her mother a year ago, she is living in a tent because she doesn't want to a burden to her gradfather when he took her in when her mom was killed in an accident.

Then she meets the Sohma's, a family that has the zodiac curse. Each member of the family turns into the member of the zodiac and then Kyo, the zodiac cat, is cursed because he is the only one who wasn't part of the Chinese Zodiac because the rat tricked him.

It's a really amazing Anime and I don't want to reveal too much, I hope my discriptions were enough.

Madoka Dec 1, 2011

Ah thats makes sense, wondered why you said season 2, just thought u hadnt seen it xD so they do intend to do a season 3?

ahem, well... i cant say its ending is umm a all pleasent one o.o sorta has a clannad afterstory style so dunno if thats your thing going on what you just said o.o xD

so are the characters like rolar coaster styled? they start of good, then go down a bit then up then down ect (or start bad and vice versa)? for its visual novel game, well the official english one isnt out yet (or i dont think it is anyways) from what i herd it is released january or febuary next year (you could probberly buy from jlist but theres quite a few sites which will probberly sell it) though if you really wanted the game, you could easy find a fan translated patch, these aint to bad considering usually just the odd grammer mistake here and there but thats not to big of a problem :D