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I am a Chinese-Jewish partially crippled ninja artillery commander however that is my alter ego in reality I am a waffle-eating postal worker delivering the latest models of the rocket propelled chainsaw to my contractor who is a giant claustrophobic vampire koala who speaks in a distinct nigerian accent and types over 9000 words per minute but back to me by now you probably noticed I am also the current world record holder for the largest run-on sentence as well as my other world records of spontaneously combusting the most times in a span of 1 minute the record of most planetary collisions (and supernovas and black holes and such) with a single ego as well as most priviledged cake eater but the commision didnt recognize my talent stating that the cake was a lie and so the last one is not an official record and to this day i am still bitter and have sworn revenge on the comission like any cliche villain would oh yes by the way i have that record as well i must have forgotten that one amid my extreme narcissism and lack of attention span and being crippled and such because you see crippled people especially the ninja type cant really remember well and now i seem to have gone off topic and it appears that I forgot to capitalize the last "I" there but im too lazy to go back and delete that so anyways yeah thats all you need to know about me but if you have any inquiries just go to the fifth planet in the alpha centauri system take a right turn go into the 9th floor of that building and make a request for "Don Donny Doug Douglas XXVVI" and I will be with you shortly after I finish constructing my run-on sentences.






I also like anime.

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A bottomless pit...which happens to have WiFi

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