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CoCoś first blog on AP

11 NOV

YO This is my first blog here on AP! there is alot of stuff I want to say... But ill start with for those who know me and know that I write stories , Ill tell u that im working on a new story and im really excited about this one I wont say what its about ! but the name of the story is "Princess Mirabell" ....hm that name sounds pretty cheezy :'D Oh well XD Well putting that aside at the moment im watching Dragon Drive Ive only seen like 10 eps so I cant really say much about it ...but it seems awesome 8D hm hm id like to write me but i really have to run of to class soon (...class started 30 minuts ago T_TXD) But the thing we are doing now in school is really hard...or should i say that its a challange? i dont know but its hard but SO fun! im learning so much ! ...okay maybe i should tell u guys WHAT we are doing , im not sure what its called in english but if we put if in a simple way , we are drawing skulls and human heads! it really is a challange cuz this is not an easy task i must say , but ill do my best! with that said ill be going back to class ! oh bdw I just changed my theme here on AP from the haruhi theme to the King of bandit Jing ,its really nice :D but now i really gotta! thx for reading bai bai~

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