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Kuroko's Basketball

Let me tell you the most important thing first. I don't really like basketball that much and if you are anything like me then I can tell you this: Don't ignore this anime just because you are not a fan of basketball!
The story basically involves new students entering Seirin High to be a part of the basketball team. Out of these students the most important ones are Kagami Taiga & Kuroko Tetsuya who happen to be the main characters. They are completely different but they work together along with the team to achieve their goals. There's a lot of comedy along the way too. Kuroko & 5 other players were actually a part of a team which were given the title "The Generation of Miracles" in middle school and they become his opponents after he joins Seirin.
The matches between Kuroko's current team and the teams of his old mates are all completely different from each other and at the same time each one of those matches is incredible to watch!
The skills of all the players will make you go "Woah!" without a doubt.
Not the best art but still good. I really liked the OP's and ED's. I feel that they were really good. The OST is good too.
The characters are amazing, especially Kuroko! The way they play basketball as a team, the funny moments they are involved in & even the supporting characters from other teams play a crucial role and it's just so wonderful to watch them.
Lots of fun and all the episodes keep you entertained whether they're playing basketball or not.
A very good series overall.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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summerchild says...

So true! I don't really like basketball either, but nevertheless this anime is worth-watching! 

I was wondering if it's worth watching it, but after I had seen the first episode I wasn't  and still am not able to stop with it :)

May 26, 2013