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Nike running event - 9TH PLACE :p , FROM OVER 3000

im with white shirt :P

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DarkOceanDemon says...

Are you asking if I look similar to my picture?

Jun 5, 2013
darkxcircus says...

Yea I've been tired too recently. There's only two days of school left then i have exams =_=. And i can see that you run what kind of running is it; track?cross country? And yes nature is wonderful xD

Jun 5, 2013
darkxcircus says...

Yea it's going pretty well ^~^ how about you? and your name is not that hard to spell xD

Jun 5, 2013
lexivita says...

Woah, sounds like you're very sporty. :O Good placings too, grats :D And even more workout. Oh my.. You sound a bit crazy too. x'D Ha ha, when we moved out from were we lived I lost my breath after I had walked the stairs three times. x'D Guess I prefer the sofa. :P Ooh, you study. What do you study? Or is it just "normal" school? Since you're only 18. :P 

Jun 4, 2013
lexivita says...

Yeah, she looks very pretty. That's all that matter x'D 

Well, we finished cleaning out our appartment on friday night. Saturday I slept and chilled the whole day. Today we went to se an appartment. Hope we get it :D And now I'm gonna start WoW again. x'D How about you? x)) 

Jun 2, 2013