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Random Thoughts 3

22 MAR

I've been away from anime for quite some time now. My interest in sports and my friends at school are dominating my time. Couple that with the fact that the first 5 episodes of Bakuman, while interesting, didn't really captivate me, I haven't even had anything I wanted to watch. Well thankfully in typical fashion I discovered an anime I'd never heard of and started right up. The World Only God Knows has been a really nice surprise. First off, I love the premise. The main character is basically the same as many ecchi harem shows but particularly that of Seitokai no Ichizon. Uninterested in real girls but addicted to galge's. The concept of a simulation master using his skills to make real girls fall for him is one that calls for some pretty funny moments. The style of humor is funny without being to raunchy and the dweebs conquests are often much deeper and better thought out than I originally expected. In fact I think the best part of this show is that it doesn't tie itself to a single female love interest throughout the show. I'm watching this show because I enjoy romantic comedies and if I get the commedey but have to wait 20 episodes for the romance to start it can get annoying. Instead The World Only God Knows keeps that light hearted sense of fun while tying in some fairly emotional relationships. I've really enjoyed the first 3 episodes and I can't wait to watch more.

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