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My Little Sister


I just watched the first to episodes. Man this shit melts like butter. It's like anime crack being pumped into your veins. The episodes are so packed with content that each one feels like it's only fifteen minutes long (on the flip side look at Cowboy Bebop where all the episodes feel like thirty minutes. It doesn't lack content it just moves incredibly slow).  Of what I've seen I think Nyan Koi is very comparable in pacing. Just balls to the wall all out humor. It's cute but also quick with a dark joke or tonal shift to keep the scenes moving. I could blow through the whole thing in a day and not just because I'm coming off Kimi Ni Todoke which is in the same league as Cowboy Bebop. I don't know how good it's going to be. It's definitely pointless but when your in the mood for something like this it's a great watch. Oh yeah I almost forgot. This show gives off heavy Haruka no Himitsu vibes. The beautiful popular girl actually likes anime and wants to hide it from everyone until she finds a nice average guy (in this case her brother) who helps her open up and feel better about her hobby. I actually think this is a comparison where My Littler Sister compares favorably. It handles the similar subject in a more entertaining way. It's definitly funnier that she likes porn games than Haruka, whose anime addiction really never made sense (Not that Kinrono's makes any sense either).

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