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Other Great Anime I Really Enjoyed: (in random succession)

Nodame Cantabile, Dennou Coil, Strawberry Marshamallow, Elfen Lied, Black Lagoon, Lucky Star, Spice and Wolf, Welcome to the NHK, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, Saikano, Fate/Stay Night, Haibane Renmei, Kanon(2006).

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CeZaS93 Nov 30, 2012

Happy birthday =^.^=

DonShuriken Jul 19, 2010

Well, hello!

Man its been a really long time too :P Im doing fine, and yes Im finished in the army. Really sad to say goodbye to all my buddies, but I must admit I got tired of that place, Bardufoss:P Im not going to study this year, I will be working and take "realfag" most likley R1 matte and Fysikk 1, planning on IT/anvendt datateknologior Idrettshøgskole next year.

So, what are U up to this summer and ur still studying? Im just working out at the gym these days and looking for a job:P

DonShuriken Dec 19, 2009

Hello, and merry Christmas.

The last four weeks we had a 3 days exercise and one day after we started another 5 days. It was really fun. We established Knutepunkt on 3 different mountains. I love Multifuel:P But after that we had 2 weeks with "vedlikehold" omg soo boring.

We have been in Tromsø a few times and had our Julebord der, man it was expensive. blowed of 2.5k in a weekend. Never gonna do that again.

Now I have Juleperm from 17 dec-6 jan.

Havent watched that much anime lately. lack of time.

What are you studying? never got that I think?

DonShuriken Nov 12, 2009

"hello again.

Perm in 5 days. Not much happening here in the weekends. I start with some workout and then I sit down in front of my brand new laptop and do some 3D and watch movies. I started karin wich I really like. Bah I hate ro-signal at 0000 :P

Im still considering grenader after FgTj.

Whats going on at your place?"

lol, I wrote this in my own profile, so this is what I wrote a month ago:P

DonShuriken Sep 28, 2009


Well Im finally done with Rekrutten, and I really liked it. It was both stressing and fun. Not that physical hard but yeye. Man it feels like its been three months, each day has been so long. The food is really good and Ive miraculously gained 2,4kg. I got into Telekompaniet on Knutepunkt which Im satisfied with. On Beretløpet we were going hike a mountain on 1300m and we were going to carry a yellow stone we painted and exchange it for the Beret on the top. My stone weighted 24,2kg and man that was really tough:P Did you guys do the same?

Well my Perm ends this wednesday.

So whats been going on the past six weeks?