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Hi There...

Username is wolfiechan*lol*..but u can call me wolfie or mitsuki..

I love anime *why else am I here? lol*... Other loves: Shiki Senri *ehemhotehem*,Wolfram von Bielefeld *hotness*, J-music or anything with J at the beginning lol and C-pop, Nice People, MMORPG,Fanfics, vanilla ice cream, lollipops, bunnies!!!,vampires *twilight is out of the question, excuse me*,English, Swimming, Rain, RimaxShiki,IchiRuki...etc ask me anything else..^^

Hates: Snobbishi people, Backstabbers,People who come at me from behind while I'm readin fanfics!!! LOLNESS..Like I said, ask me more...^^

Like I said I love japanese *1 chinese there lol* music and some songs are:

  • Eien ni Hibiku Uta - Saiga Mitsuki
  • NEWS - Hoshi wo Mezahite
  • TegoMass - ~Kiss~ Kaerimichi no Love Song
  • SnoW - Sakasama no Chou
  • Stella Quintet - The Score in the Blue
  • Suna no Oshiro - Kanon Wakeshima
  • ~Rinne Rondo~ - ON/OFF
  • Dai wo Zou - Rainie Yang Cheng Lin
  • Gentle Lie - The GazettE
  • Again - YUI

Some of My Fave Seiyuu/Singers although they're all so awesome:

  • Saiga Mitsuki
  • Paku Romi
  • Nana kitade
  • Maaya Sakamoto
  • Sakurai Takahiro
  • Mai Kuraki
  • Jun Fukuyama
  • Fumiko Orikasa
  • Hitomi Nabatame
  • Jungo Yoshida

Anime Characters(in no particular order.. ^.^)

  • Kyo Kara Maoh - Wolfram von Bielefeld, Yuuri Shibuya, Gisela, Miko, Saralegui
  • Bleach - Hitsugaya Toushiro, Kuchiki Rukia, Grimmjow, Gin,Neliel Tu(Adult)
  • S.A. - Tadashi, Akira,Megumi
  • La Corda d'oro -  Hihara,Len, Kaho,Fuuyumi, Aoi, Keiichi, (actuaally I like them all lol)
  • Death Note - L, Misa, Light
  • Hakushoku to Yosei(Earl and Fairy) - Lydia, EDGAR(♥.♥), RAVEN(OMS!),and Ullyses(dunno if thats spelled right but he's hot), Banshee and Paul FERMAN(kyaa!)
  • Suzuka - Yamato, Asahina,Yuuka,Sakurai(i thinks she's cute.. But I find her annoying sometimes)
  • Princess Princess - Shihoudani, Megumi, Mikoto, Tohru, Sakamoto
  • Vampire Knight - Zero-sama!!! Ichijou-sama!! Idol..err..Aido-sama!! Shiki-sama*MY LOVE*!! Yuuki


Kyo Kara Maoh - Yuuram/WolfYuu(Yuuri x Wolfram), GweNissina(Gwendal x Anissina), Julia x Conrad, Wolfram x Gisela(I think It's really cute...)

Princess Princess - Shihoudani x Tohru, Mikoto x Megumi, Sakamoto x Arisada(for some odd reason)

Bleach - IchiRuki, HitsuHina, HitsuMatsu, RenRuki, Byakuya x Hisana, Gin x Matsumoto, Jinta x Ururu, Yoruichi x Byakuya, Yoruichi x Urahara, Ulquiorra x Orihime, Ishida x Orihime, Kaien x Rukia, Ashido x Rukia, ByakuRen

La Corda d'oro - Kaho x Len, Kaho x Hihara, Kaho x Keiichi, Fuuyumi x Keiichi, Azuma x Kaho

Suzuka - Suzuka x Yamato, Sakurai x Yamato, Yasinobu x Sakurai, SuzukaxTsuda(I 4got his first name)

Hakushoku to Yosei - Edgar x Lydia, Kelpie x Lydia, Paul x Banshee,Paul x Lydia

S.A. - Akira x Tadashi, Hikari x Kei, Ryuu x Finn, Megumi x Yahiro, Akira x Yahiro, Jun x Sakura

Vampire Knight - Rima x Senri!!!!!!Zero x Yuuki, Ruka x Akatsuki, Zero x Ichiru :D

XD I can't believe bleach got kicked by soul eater on my top 5, probably because of the AWESOME COMEDY and Maka and Soul holding hands in the opening song...symmetry FTW XD

That's all 'cuz I'm too lazy to type...XD

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At DAMN School...its DAMN beacuse i F*CKIN transferred

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hekate avatar hekate


Jul 27, 2009

Sorry 2.... haven't had time to log on..

I see, so you're someone who wants school to start huh, nice too bad you're bored.

Btw, are you reading the new PoT chapters? There's a shot with Ryoma where he's hawter than usual. ~_^

Nice, I'll prolly check the anime out sometime.

Preci avatar Preci


Jun 12, 2009

Thanks for welcoming me~

hekate avatar hekate


May 30, 2009

Thank you, Ryoma is indeed hot~ ... and my avatar is too xD ~_^  Too bad I don't who is in your avatar, sorry... but it looks cool nontheless.

It's all good, reading more manga than watching anime... but it all balaces itself out.



So...... what's up? ^_^

Chillo avatar Chillo

Thanks! ^_^

May 21, 2009

thanks for the welcomeing comment :D

matuszewski avatar matuszewski

Great Profile!

May 18, 2009

Wolfram is just adorable ^^

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