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I stumbled upon these series when I was looking for ecchi/harem manga , I read prequel in one day and started for next one with expectations with tons of ecchi , but it offered me completely different thing and it left me off with awesomeness.

Story continues where last season left it off , And they are still enjoying their everyday school life. As each chapters goes by , it gives you hint that something big will happen and it prepares to it , introducting us to new characters and going through small arcs which strengthen bonds between MC characters , Also it gets darker by each plot twist and more serious which makes you even forget that it was romance/comedy manga.

Author is really an amazing person , His art was improving so much past these chapters. I had problems with reading first Rosario+Vampire manga , I could even barely tolerate it but now reading Rosario+Vampire II , it has become an eye candy to me. And those vampiristic eyes , As if they were piercing through my soul with those stares. I must say , character faces/reactions were well drawn. Detailed and simple.

You could probably sense love chemistry between Tsukune and Moka , I can assure you that Moka isn't only one getting all the credits. All of the MC girls have small arc , which is little about them and has added drama to it. Nowadays lots of rom/com series does that but of all of them , I liked how author did it in these particular series , It wasn't too shallow and kept it simple. Main point of those small arcs was to strengthen bonds between characters and it did well. Each character is equally unique and have their role in series. Even opponents are real badasses and there is almost no single character I could personally hate.

Series are greatly enjoyable for action/shounen lovers , Battles aren't dragging forever and despite that story isn't series strong point , It's still fun read. Behind all that fighting , There's also unexpected plot twists which is very interesting and even touching sometimes , Not may be sad/deep as some certain manga but enough to shed a tear. Probably biggest reason why it's so enjoyable is because of its setting. Unique and you can even learn all kinds of monster myths while you're reading it. 

For gods sake , don't compare Rosario+Vampire anime to its manga , Studio which took this manga , Made pointless fanservice anime out of it. 90% of it was ecchi while rest of 10% was just comedy and very little action. Manga is exactly opposite , You would be suprised to see how small ecchi it has.

7/10 story
10/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall

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