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Sy0592 Nov 6, 2016

Hello wolfbankai

I'm doing well, thank you for asking :D

trying to see if I can finish the anine kiseijuu (parasyte) today :p

how about you? have a nice sunday

rachell29 Nov 6, 2016

Just for lols? Is Black Butler not as good as I think it is? 😅

Haha.. I have actually watched more. But randomly and without completing them so I didn't add them to my watched list. xD

7? O.o Where are you from? And I'm actually from India but I'm Anglo-Indian hence the name. 7 is a pretty late age to start school in my country. I don't even know of it's possible. O.o

I know what you meant by ad. :P I've just never seen advertisements related to anime hence the surprise. :P

ewrs Nov 5, 2016

Hey, what's up?

Dreamiest Nov 5, 2016

Thanks not really usually my sis or my friends thats about it lol

Yeah i still think i suck at it lol and you don't have to do that unless you want to i don't mind people swearing

And not really i just thought it was a cute anime pic ^^

treerose61 Nov 5, 2016

Yeah lol. I don't know about graphic design but i would love to animate :)