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lianathebox says...

Very dank.

May 25, 2016
yunika77 says...

yeah, I am not good at metal stuff but I Love Linkin park, Dead by april, metallica, I SEE STARS and Hollywood undead :D I also like the song " do you call that a knife"

May 20, 2016
RickGrimes says...

Yup...It is indeed one the bigger series in Japan. Maybe the only other series to rival Sazae-san, One Piece and Doraemon.

Kaito is a anti-hero i suppose? Like Scar from FMA?

I havent the slighest clue as to what i would do in the dollars. Maybe try starting a revolution? But it wont help since i dont know anyone.

Not really new...i knew about anime from 2009 Decemberish...So well 5 years in it. And i watch anime, TV serials(Brookly 99, Friends, TBBT etc), Play insane amount of PC games and watch alot of movies!

So that why list is really small.

May 14, 2016
AnimkaxD says...

You guessed it! xd I hate homework... ;-;

Haha xD Today in Warsaw it's cloudy and windy. Sometimes it's shower and sunny spells. :)

I'm glad that you think so. <3

Btw your new avatar is nice! :3

May 13, 2016
AnimkaxD says...

Hehe xD I'm sitting and writing. And you?

I really have natural red hair. xD Yeah... I know. It is quite original hair color. ;-;

May 13, 2016