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Dreamiest says...

Thanks not really usually my sis or my friends thats about it lol

Yeah i still think i suck at it lol and you don't have to do that unless you want to i don't mind people swearing

And not really i just thought it was a cute anime pic ^^

Nov 5, 2016
treerose61 says...

Yeah lol. I don't know about graphic design but i would love to animate :)

Nov 5, 2016
rachell29 says...

Interesting fact. xD

Umm no. I didn't. I haven't really watched the entire thing to be honest and I also don't remember a lot of it. 

Well not exactly,  I have had quite a lot of breaks from anime over the years for varying reasons. :P And also I am 17 but I'm in the 12the grade. ^_^

An ad? First time I'm hearing that. xD Is English not your first language? 

Nov 5, 2016
treerose61 says...

Lol yes i am an indoor person. I don't like crowds and such so i tend to stick to myself.

Yea i wouldn't mind doing a science related job, its either that or something involving art :)

Nov 4, 2016
flawlesspizza says...

really? huh well glad to be your first person to say that! tell me what you think of it and yeah i would love to read/watch some time travling anime/manga lately ive been into sports anime/manga but im open minded about other genres XD

Nov 4, 2016