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Sy0592 Nov 10, 2016

Hello Wolf,

I'm doing great, how about you?

It's alright, I understand ^_^

Yes, I started here on the community for almost four months

It usually helps out with distracting and stuff.

It may sound weird, but I like it... finished elfen lied in two days.

I guess that's a phase...

I'm into reading manga atm with music on the background lol

Take care**

ewrs Nov 9, 2016

Yeah I really like Bungou Stray Dogs, it's a great anime. Really think you would like it too, just don't have too big expectations, that might ruin it then.

I think I might watch 3 Gatsu no Lion sometime when I feel like it. It has good ratings so I will probably give it a shot.

Yuri on Ice I don't know about, doesn't really look like my kind of anime, but if you say it's good I can give it a try.

Have a good day. (^▽^)

flawlesspizza Nov 9, 2016

well i do have a great sense of humor *hair flip* 

and yeah! i would so watch it! 

Dreamiest Nov 7, 2016

Lol yeah i guess you could say that

Yeah i know i what you mean i do too, but aren't i your friend? :D

Sy0592 Nov 7, 2016

Good afternoon, Wolf

I've seen your comment just now

I forgot that quite some users are already ahead of me in terms of watched animes :P

I probably don't remember much from it, either.

I watched the movie too, but prefer the anime :)

Yes, seems good, gore-y and all xD

and you ?^_^