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issi Nov 17, 2016

PS. please if you can, try to reply tonight! I may have to go away once again so I want to add you right away

I'm going to be studying the meanwhile, I'll check the site every now and then. Good luck with everything :D cheers!

issi Nov 17, 2016

Wolf I am sooooo soooooorry!!! I am soooo late!!

Will you ever forgive me??! I've been trying to save my sesmeter while being flanked by exams, homework, paperwork and essays at every turn so I tried to stay away from this site

Do you still want to talk? please please. I want to send you my Skype username but... just not.. here.. *looks around* creeps. This site not having private messages isn't helping either

Do you have MAL? I could send you my username there :] If you don't use Skype much you can suggest an alternative social media and I'll try to make it happen

My halloween was actually terrible lol :D not "serious" terrible, just a day where all my plans didn't work out, everything went wrong and I ended up being made fun of my 10 year kids. And I'm not kidding lol. How about yours? Did you do anything halloween themed, like watching scary movies, dress up, or anything like that?

rachell29 Nov 17, 2016

Mm.. I'm guessing it would be that red haired character? Not too sure but I think he's gay and in love with Sebastian or something. xD

Yeah. Only five. Laugh it up. But I'll get there someday. xD

Oh.. Where in Europe? And yes we do. I started school at 3. To me it's weird that you people start off so late. But I dunno. :P Ahh.. Interesting although I don't know Tamil at all. I do know Bengali. It's also one of the many languages spoken in my country. 

And no technically I don't have a British accent considering I have lived my whole life in India but I can do a pretty good British accents thanks to all the British youtubers I watch. XD

What's your native language? 

Dreamiest Nov 17, 2016

That's an easy one it's 42 lol

Lol ikr I'm lazy most of the time too and I've never seen it

Yes there is so much great anime in the world my fav. would either be Servamp or Nodame Cantabile I loved them so much

fapul0us Nov 15, 2016

no problem. thx for following me to.  

im fine thanks.  what about you :)