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SenpaiSushi says...

Hahaha, I'm DEFINITELY not new to the anime world! Since my dad and older sister watched it when I was young, I was introduced early. But I think when I turned 10 years old I became OBSESSED with anime (and that was five years ago so...yeah)

May 12, 2016
AnimkaxD says...

Hi! ^^

May 12, 2016
imnothere says...

I'm ok too. :)   And Estonia is doing pretty good as well, I think. :)   We have had some really good weather here lately, warm and sunny.  

May 12, 2016
RickGrimes says...

First off sorry for the late reply!

Also that profile piic is really cool!! Magic Kaito right?

I am a huge Izaya fan t00!Dont worry! I dont offer illegal jobs to anyone! Unless they are willing to volunteer!

Also i dont mean living in Ikebukoro as a anime manga fan. I should have made that clear

I want to live in the DRRR universe's Ikebukoro. Seeing all that fun and everything will be kick-ass fun!

May 12, 2016
yunika77 says...

I`m good, how about you? :D

haha, yeah maybe XD I really like her :)

May 11, 2016