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spapag2 says...

Yup!! :D

Aw man that sucks, what did you do?? 

I'm pretty good, just got the first week back at school done... x.x but otherwise just hanging out with my friends and we're seeing a movie now:3

Jan 8, 2016
shinayda says...

Yesh :D

I like your bio!! It's a neko!♡

Jan 8, 2016
angelberry says...

Sure ^^

Jan 8, 2016
TitanLavi says...

I'm fine (:! I want to stop watching Saikano cause it sucks so bad but at the same time I love it idk if I want to drop it 

Jan 8, 2016
Ayachan19 says...

My English hw is debate I hve to make each argument 2 min long and do the rebuts *sigh* not a fan of debates =3=

OMG SRSLY?! did u actually watch 4? My goodness xD Hahahahaa jk 

I watch anime while reading manga bcuz I'm in grade 11 and I do not know what free time means, hw, assign, quizzes, labs, pre labs, every single day. We literally only started this week and I've already done a lab report, dissection on worms, and a pre lab, math quiz, all were today. SO yea I just try to read and watch as much honestly cuz it rly is hard... (well lab, bio quiz, and math quiz were today)

Jan 8, 2016