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Transporter says...

I don't uploaded the images in small size... when you charge them on anime-planet, there is an option that allows you to enter the size you prefer. I don't have any Tumblr account actually, because I don't know how make a .gif. I can do something in terms of graphic... nothing exceptional, but I manage...

Oh... with the "how are you feeling" question... sorry, but I didn't understand if you referring to something in particular, or is it just a general question.

Oh, so I assume that you're not American or English... or am I wrong?

Sep 18, 2014
kynz says...

I can't really find anything enjoyable.

'Because you wouldn't be able to catch up with your class and fail exams or other reasons?' Exactly

Went on hiatus because I got hospitalized and couldn't keep up with daily greetings, so to say.

Sep 18, 2014
Shivichan says...

Hiya! You came back after a long time! :D 

Why such a long hiatus? D: 

And what's up? :3 

Sep 18, 2014
Transporter says...

Thank you for follow! ^^

Also your profile is not bad at all ... if you're referring to the small images placed next to the names of my favourite charcaters, I simply uploaded the renders (images without background... to find them, you can search on any search engine by inserting at the end of the name the .png format) and placed their size, adapting them with the anime-planet system.

If you need any advice of any kind, not hesitate to write a comment (sorry for my bad english, but I'm Italian) ^^

Sep 17, 2014
kynz says...

I don't really feel anything, and sadly life isn't that fun to begin with. *lols

It's quite lonely and quiet here, but that's what I like. It gives me more time to my thoughts. I am also trying to catch up with school myself, but I might end up dropping though q-q

Been following my 12/14 ongoings, haven't really spent much time watching anything else.

Q: What are you mostly doing in A-P?

A: Not much really, just came back and rejoined weco after a months absence.

Sep 16, 2014