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issi Oct 31, 2016

wolf!! *tackles you with a hug* how do you do? :D

Thanks for worrying! sorry again for the long absence but turn outs the medication I was taking was poison, it made my hair fall out in fists and I felt as weak as a tree branch lol. I got off that shit a few days ago and I’m a bit better now, let's try this once more (I tried replying to you before but I was writing nonsense because I felt terrible)

Huh :D The test repeats questions as to be sure you’re answering correctly, or so I’ve heard, but at any rate, it’s not the test itself which I like. I could care less about the questions, and surely a person’s lack of honesty and mood can murk everything up, you’re absolutely right. What I like is the cognitive theory behind the results! It’s complicated to explain. And wolf, you are scary, and I say that as a good thing lol– that’s not an amateur opinion at ALL, I can’t believe you figured all that out so easily, your perceptions are far-sighted. There’s a hoard of self-proclaimed NTs and some of them are not accurate. I don’t think there’s any harm in it but it’s true that it happens. I also don’t personally agree that NTs are as rare as people think, but that’s just me

Hopefully this doesn’t annoy you but what’s your type? I know you don’t like the test, but I’d be interested to know. I’m trying to figure out my own personal gravitational law of sorts

I want to do a lot more in life than just being a translator, and the money translator pays here in chile is just not enough. It’s okay though, there’s so much I can do in life, I won’t feel down because of one thing that might not work out. And yes, quotes of all kinds :D for example, I actually play games and read books with my notebook on the side so that whenever someone says a phrase I like or that “gets to me”, I can write it down. You know how a beautifully phrased and well-timed one-liner can struck a chord in you and have it resonating forever? no? You have long hair oh mannn, thank god guys like you still exist! :D <3 I was wondering by the way, by that description of yourself, you sound like a “lone wolf”, as in the idiomatic expression. Is that the reason behind of your username? .. or am I just reading too much into it?

You have sooo much free time if you can afford to try to watch them all. I’ve never watched Naruto, it drags on as in, the episodes are rolling but nothing is happening? something like that? And lol my list is so small it’s lame but I’ve dropped Tokyo Ghoul, K and Gold Time for example. Probably one of my least favorite shows off the top of my head. I have many more though, I just don’t list them all cause they’re too many. I usually drop them for the same reasons, just not seeing the point in watching something that I’m not gaining anything from ehhh

And dead space is my gem! so glad you've played it! <3 did you like it?! I didn’t get so scared myself but the world design and the whole art of it is wicked! I have a few drawings of my own of necromorphs, they are insane. And well, I'm not that good at explaining things, but Mass Effect is an action-rpg sci fi, very unique at that. It's gameplay is unlike any other I've played, which is why it's so hard to explain, but's it's garanteed fun =) Also, and this is the best of it, it has by far the best storyline I’ve ever come across. The writing of it is just overall beautiful, it's known mostly for that, for its rich storyline actually. And lmao I would die for it and then be burried with it 8D!! really! don't tell me you don't have anything like that too!

I have steam but it’s dustyyyyy lol I haven’t played on it in so long since I play mostly on my brother’s account (we share games). most of my games are not registered in my own account. why do you ask? do you want to add me? If you want, feel free to check my profile. I’m isi_edw_sca. I have a psyduck as my profile pic, can’t miss it lol. what about you? :D do you have?

**I need to go out now, please don't write back yet please!! I need to reply to the rest! **


Dreamiest Oct 30, 2016

Lol thanks for that and cool i've recently got into reading manga these past few weeks

ahh pretty much anything from anime characters, to fantasy, to my cats lol and for the how long part it depends on what i draw or how i feel at the moment i'm drawing it :)

Anamaii Oct 29, 2016


That's great ^^ Oh I'm watching now Fate stay night unlimited blade works ;) Did you see them ?

flawlesspizza Oct 29, 2016

call me whatever you want, hmmm well i really like yona of the dawn and kokoro connect was good hmm i enjoyed hamatora and beyond the boundary had one of the best animations and i really adore all Makoto Shinkai work i find them master pieces i have more but thats what i can think of right now :p

Ludols Oct 28, 2016

Thank you so much! :') And if I'm too stressed I'll definetely let you know, I love cute cats/dogs videos! hahaha

Haha, well usually Chris stands for "Christopher" so I don't blame them hahaha But are there really puns about your name? :O It's so short, I find it impossible! But anyway, don't mind them: your name is amazing :3

Well I said "one day" so it's still in the future, now I'm definetely too young to think about children hahaha But I definitely want to be a mother, one day! Anyway, of course you can ask me about my love life! Don't worry :3 I have a boyfriend and we've been togheter for 2 years now: he was my best friend at first but then, I don't know how, something changed and we fell in love haha :3 Also, when I discovered that he also wants to have lots of children when older (like me), I knew he was the right one :'3 hahaha 

Haha, well yeah I'm your senpai, but you're just one year younger than me so there's not a big difference! :3 Even though in November I have my birthday and it will be so weird to be 20 years old... I'm so excited but also scared at the same time (?) hahaha

Mmh.. so it's not Luxembourg (╥_╥) This is getting difficult... haha Is it Lithuania? I don't know, I'm searching different countries with less than 2 million people haha So you don't live in your country anymore? Wow, I think it's really cool when someone decides to go live in a different country! Where do you live now? (You can tell me this because I'm trying to guess your native country so it's not cheating if you tell me hahaha) And why did you choose to live in another country? :3

Anyway, yeah Japanese seems so difficult.. c.c But thank you for the encouragement, I'll try to do my best! :')) 

Yeah, after college I'll look for a job in the UK so let's hope everything works out good! :3 And awww, being an assistant teacher in an elementary school must be an amazing experience! *O* Did you enjoy it? Or were the kids too loud and disobedient? haha 

Well, I visited Greece and Croatia because I was on a cruise with my family and those two countries were part of the trip and so I visited them, but just for a day :( Btw, there's absolutely nothing wrong if you like girly and cute stuff! And that hamster bag is so cute, omg! *OO* 

Haha, don't worry, Chris! Have a good night's sleep, we'll talk tomorrow! :33