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Dreamiest Nov 3, 2016

Thanks sometimes i do it from imagination, and other times i do it with examples i guess you could say its both :)

And lol i wouldn't say i'm the best artist either i try sometimes i fail sometimes i succeed, and lol about that part with di- or should i say "stickmen"

And irdk lol

treerose61 Nov 3, 2016

Oh my hobbies. Well i read a lot, draw, sing a little, and a little writing. I also do photography. I have quite a lot of interest lol. I also love any science :) 

treerose61 Nov 3, 2016

No not really, that would be a bit weird wouldn't it? I mean I don't mind gay couples tho but I try not to ship real life people since it can bother them and be a bit uncomfortable lol. 

flawlesspizza Nov 3, 2016

well to me it felt like a mix of an open ending and a cliff hanger speaking of movies which anime movie did you like the most?

flawlesspizza Nov 3, 2016

ofc i did i liked the plot and the art was just beyond perfection  i love all his work tbh the ending was a cliff hanger which is something i do not like but in this case i let it slide XD