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xkuhaku says...

Ahh school...~ How much I hate you so much hahaha Good luck on your midterms as well (b^_^)b

E'hem! I accept that challenge my friend ( ̄∇ ̄)

Aww thanks :) Hmm that is a good idea... Where can I purchase these.. uh.. kohai/senpai things you're talking about? I just can never seem to find them anywhere around here. lolol jkjk. But in all seriousness I would love to, if only I can find someone like that >.> All my friends, and just people I know, don't really watch anime. And if they do, they're not really hardcore about it. Ouch! but I'm glad you're not hitting back. Violence isn't always the right answer. But in some cases.. THEY ARE!! hahaha so if he ever goes too overboard LET 'EM HAVE IT!! I'll back you up!! I got 'chu LOL. Oh okay, do you wish to be taller? Or are you okay with your height? Aww shit~ using dem context clues to figure out my race. Haha yah, I'm Korean ^^ You? Yup! You got that right as well :P I'm pretty much the epitome of an introvert. Ooh, was there a reason for your change?

Definitely. It's more like we text often rather than see each other in person. We made like a fam group chat so we can see what everyone's up too. But they're all coming to where I am for Christmas, so I'm excited for that x) Aww, how come? Just want to be independent already or somethin? Puahaha nice~ I do that all the time, especially towards my friends. And the funny part is that they know I'm not listening but still tell me anyway hahaha

Me af:

Nah, he didn't do it on purpose. So after the game he was a lil salty about it hahahaha. Not really, I think it's because I don't play often I enjoy them. If that makes sense lol

Dude, your mom is goals!! xD

Well two of them I knew since elementary school. One of them was actually my bully then lol but now I consider her to be the closest one to me out of all of them. And the one that moved, I met through a mutual friend but, when we got to know each other more we noticed that we had so much in common, we just happened to click really easily.

What are your friends like? Imo, I think it's better to have 1 best friend then a lot of "friends". When I was in a large group, I never felt close to anyone so it kinda sucked.

Oct 26, 2016
issi says...

Wolf! sorry for the late reply, I'm taking some medicaction that's making me feel like death, so I couldn't manage a reply before. I'm feeling a little better today, so let's try this!

I knew you'd say that :p But this is different! This tests are based on actual psychological studies, more specifically Jung's works on the human psyche. Ever heard of him? The test attempts to frame how your mental process works, how it tends to operate. It's actually quite technical and has a slight scientific tone to it. It's not the horoscope kind of stuff. If you're interested I can send you a link to the test so you can try it for yourself

Ehh :v it's not much of a viable option, not in Chile at least. And hah my notebook is just so I don't forget words/sentences that I liked, that's it =) My love for languages is actually very "quiet", I don't talk about it much and don't do much about it other than learn languages for the fun of it. The only time I "extrovert" my passion is when I speak to other language learners, that's it. otherwise, it's just me on my own. And lmao lmao at mental image of you in the dark corner <3 creepy and cute

Ok ok, makes sense... But, how do you manage to concentrate? That is sincere genuine question o.o Whenever something drags on and on, I can't find it in me to focus. And btw, does this mean you don't ever drop any animes either?

You have a great taste for games! =) I'm into strategy games, rpgs and some third person shooters mostly, but I can see myself liking any type of game. Mass Effect, Civilization, Dead Space, Zelda, Fire Emblem are my go-to favorites. Paper Mario is my childhood relic, I would never sell my copy even if I was broke and starving. Wells, do you have any game recommendations for someone like me maybe? :D

Lmao sexist how? xD Sounds like a fun friendship. And mhm no, I don't have any best friends. I have good and close friends, but not best friends ever since I entered uni. Idk why, actually, but it's not as sad as some might think

When you word it like that, it sounds bad xD but I don't mean it's a waste of time in general and for everybody, just for me what I like to do with my time. But maybe you're right, maybe it's just me not being able to sit down long enough :p

Interesting. do you tend to analyze others or yourself more? (another genuine question. I'm also trying to analyze you as we speak). Psychology is a great career though. very "deep", if you get me. So deep, I'd be scared to fall into it forever, if that makes sense. And yes, I'm in university, first year of some mixture of science and humanities studies =) I'll choose a specific degree later on in life, no hurry whatsoever. Never decide the rest of your life in a rush

I love helping, and these people usually help me back as well with my own language practice :) I'm currently helping 3 guys, which isn't a lot, so I'm open to newcomers :D And well, chilean spanish is so odd not even other spanish speakers understand us sometimes. Mexico has a really nice standard spanish, I'd say. They're some of the best dubbers for latin spanish, it's quite nice and melodic to hear them talk. why are you studying spanish, by the way? :D forgot to ask

Lmao, trust me, if I outright said you're cool, and offered to add you on Skype, it's because I like you and it's fun talking to you =) And believe me, no matter how much you write, I can always write more (I tend to get uhh lengthy as well. you may have noticed)

have fun in your corner :-* <3

Oct 24, 2016
Dreamiest says...

That's cool :D

Not really that much to tell about me my hobbies? prob watching anime, drawing, and reading ik i sound boring lol  how about yours?

And thank you :)

Oct 22, 2016
xkuhaku says...

Aaaand I just jinx that streak lol Sorry for the late reply (⋟﹏⋞) I've been swamped with all my school work~ Midterms are coming at me like mad right now!

Gahhh~ I shall never back down!

You get me!! Haha

But, you are funny! Or at least fun to talk to ^^ Lolol noooo. But it would be cool if there was :P Oh, hahaha its okay. But still that's messed up of him. What does he even do to you? Woot! Are you still growing? I DID traditional Korean dance (not anymore tho) with all those cool silky dresses and fans haha If you look it up on google you can probs find it if you still don't know what it is :) Hmm I guess you can say I was the quiet type. But only in class. With people, I think I was actually quite social :D How so?

You got that right. I can just see the money waving bye to me each time I check my bank acc. (x.x) Pretty fun! But at the same time I do miss my family. We all live seperately so it's kinda hard to see them whenever I want D; I know you visited the colleges quite awhile ago by now since I was hella late to reply, but how was it? 

Haha thanks! I shall~ ^^

Yah, funny right??!? I did actually! But nah, I am still a beginninger lol. My uncle wasn't really taking me seriously so he ended up making a mistake on one of his moves, so I took the advantage :P It's kinda in the beginning, but you get the hang of it the more you play :) Cool cool. I'll def check it out then! I love board games. So fun :D

Not anymore. I still have the game tho. Daaang what a sick ass mom you got there xDDD My mom wouldn't say something like that but she would help me catch them hahaha. I would usually drive my mom but whenever I see a pokemon close by that I wanted to get, my mom would offer to drive to where the pokemon was at til I get it lololol.

Haha nice~ I do! I have three really close friends. But one moved out of town after graduating. How about you?

Oct 22, 2016
Sewn says...

Bad impression? :D Not at all, haha. Just felt like a little forced when you're overly polite. XD

Your profile is pretty cool, so~

I really don't know what to say about me, that's why I only have one crappy gif in there. >_<

Umm, I'm very short?? (5''7) xD Tell me something about you?

Did you meant ''Comment allez vous''? Not sure if I heard of Como before but I might be wrong, it basically means ''Where are you?'' or something like that, I learn French for few years in school~

You can impress your teachers when you start taking French in school by saying ''Je m'appelle (your name here), J'habite (put where you live) et mon anniversaire (insert date of birthday)'' xD


Thanks for the compliment. :D

5'7? I don't think that's that short. xD I'm only 5'8 soo...

Oh, maybe~I'm not sure. Lol, not a professional so you probably know more than me. :3

I think it means "how are you" though. 

Ah, I think that's too advanced for me xD Probably won't remember it either. :p It's cool that you can speak French though *o*

Oct 22, 2016