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treerose61 Nov 2, 2016

Thats a tough question lol i really like kiss him not me, it's so funny. I'm reading the manga also. And yes Danganronpa is awesome and i love Haikyuu :)

treerose61 Nov 2, 2016

Well i've taken a break lately because of stuff but currently started and need to finish would be Bungou stray dogs, kiss him not me, cheer boys, haikyuu season 3, danganronpa 3 arc's,  Days, fairytail and a lot of this years anime that i need to catch up on lol

treerose61 Nov 2, 2016

Oh lol i'm sorry i haven't been on, so this is a bit late.

I'm not up to much, i actually need to catch up my anime, since school has been busy i've fallen behind.

rachell29 Nov 1, 2016

I actually meant you didn't like my name. Just making an assumption because of the joke you made and then your question about whether I like my name. xD

Like almost everyone I watched anime like Pokemon, Beyblade and stuff without even knowing it was anime. But then I really got into it I think when I was in the 9th grade because I found this channel on TV which only showed anime and the first anime I ever watched was Black Butler. And it was probably a good thing because Black Butler is amazing. xD Now I just watch anime online or download it and watch. 

What's your story? :D

issi Oct 31, 2016

eff me, did I really write that much? that's why I prefer live chatting ahh

On the other hand, given I wrote so much, do feel free  to reply in the meanwhile, if you want to!

Happy halloween, just in case I don't manage to log in later!