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UsagiDandere says...

Ahhh yeeshhhh, Shizaya is one of my faaaavorite ships (my OTP is SaruMi though, weeeeee)

I'm bad at explaining things, so here's what a dandere is, more or less >.<

Anyways, I can pretty much be myself (chirpy and weird) when I'm not speaking face to face (a.k.a. my bio and messages), but in real life, socially awkward is my religion x__X Yeah, I basically just teeter around like a lost, mute puppy until I can be alone with my best friend; then I can relax and say what's on my mind... When I'm not with her or my boyfriend, I mostly just stay quiet and try to stay out of people's way. Yeahhhh

My username fits me because I'm a dandere who's obsessed with rabbits (Usagi!) ^~^

May 11, 2016
yunika77 says...

hello there! :D

May 11, 2016
UsagiDandere says...

Just curious, what does the Japanese under Izaya say? >w<

May 10, 2016
UsagiDandere says...

Hello, hellooo xD

Nice Izaya GIF, I love that guy!

May 10, 2016
RickGrimes says...

Hello there!

I see that you are a Shizou Ohyajima fan!

Also do you have any strange desire to live in Ikebukoro?

May 10, 2016