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31stCrusade says...

Sorry for not being clear. When I wrote how no game no life squandered its potential for epic strategic battles, I was emphasizing the "strategic" part. The games are undoubtedly epic in the sense that they're visually spectacular and creative. My problem with the show is that the strategies the main characters use to win don't make much sense, which takes away from the excitement and just makes it seem like the main characters can't lose. Take for example the chess game when Sora jumps onto the board and blocks the queen from taking one of his pieces. That shouldn't have been possible. It's like me playing chess with a friend and putting my hand onto the board to protect my pieces. It's ridiculous for the rules of the game to allow something like that.

Also, during the word game Sora gets rid of the air and the mantle of the world. He should have died and lost the minute he did that. I'm not a physics major or a doctor, but the reduction in air pressure and gravitational pull would definitely have killed them (don't even get me started about the heat of the planet's exposed core, the sun's radiation etc...).

I could go on and on about the logical inconsistencies, but basically the strategies I've seen in this show just don't make sense and if that's the case the games are more a string of random, crazy events than real battles of wit. 

Jul 5, 2014